Soft — jacquard: how to combine luxury and practicality in the same curtains.


Each of us has our own ideas about the ideal curtains. But everyone wants the curtains to be moderately thick and look spectacular. In addition, it is important that they are safe and do not require special care. We took into account all the wishes and added luxury to them. Meet — soft jacquard — modern velvet.

The main thing is touch.

Soft is a material that is very pleasant to the touch. Externally and tactilely very similar to velvet. At the same time, the artificial composition allows the curtains to remain affordable. The jacquard texture will come to relief curtains, making touches unforgettable.

Practical — will last as long as necessary.

Curtains made of soft are easy to care for and do not wear out from washing or sunlight. They do not accumulate dust, and it is very difficult for stains to penetrate the structure of the fabric. The jacquard texture makes the rather thin canvas extremely durable, they can be safely hung in the nursery or in the house where pets live. When washing, the soft does not shed, is not afraid of hot water.

Style and luxury.

Soft — very easy to drape, the folds created during production will remain in place even after numerous washes. Drapery gives the product the appearance of velvet curtains, luxurious and light. The jacquard texture allows you to combine smooth and embossed elements in a spectacular composition. Choose the shade of fabric that best matches the decor of your room. Give preference to soft, restrained tones, to match the quality of the fabric, and you will see how the room will be transformed.


The software does not retain dust on itself, which means it is completely safe for allergy sufferers and children. It is enough to walk on the curtain with a dry brush once a week and the dust is gone. Still managed to stain the fabric? It’s okay — washing at 40 degrees will fix everything.

Soft, pleasant, spectacular and affordable — all these are soft jacquard curtains. Be sure to look at them and choose the one that suits you. Mesmer curtains are a unique combination of style, quality and reasonable price.


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