Meat grinder Dauken FW2640J. Good, whatever one may say!

A marketplace page with kitchen appliances is open on a computer monitor in a browser. You scroll through and don’t know what to choose: all brands have their pros and cons, and sometimes it’s not easy to understand them, and it will take a lot of time. The “all-in-one” models save the situation, combining several types of equipment at once, saving the budget, precious minutes that can be spent on something pleasant instead of reading a heap of information, and of course a place in the kitchen. Today we will talk about a bright representative of such universal equipment — the Dauken FW2640J meat grinder. With a wave of the hand, it becomes a vegetable cutter or juicer, allowing you to work with products in multitasking mode.

Stuffing is important!

What’s inside your meat grinder? The manufacturer Dauken FW2640J has created a movement that balances power, durability and reduced noise levels. The gears of the reducer are made of hardened metal and high-tech polymer, such a device ensures stable operation and wear resistance. The motor with a rated power of 800 W and a peak rate of up to 1800 W will allow you to process meat of various hardness at a speed of up to 2.5 kg per minute, which is a high rate in comparison with the figures of the brands of equipment competing with Dauken. The knives of the meat grinder are made of high-quality hardened steel using the forging method, they have an impeccable sharpening and a saber-like shape, so even sinewy pieces of meat will submit to them instantly.

Three is the magic number

For Dauken FW2640J:

  • Three types of grills of different sizes — the smallest allows you to get a smooth, uniform minced meat, the largest — meat for minced steak.

  • Three buttons on the control panel — turn on, slow speed and reverse for quick removal of foreign things that accidentally got into the meat grinder, not intended for twisting.

  • Three functional purposes — meat grinder, juicer, shredder / grater for vegetables.

  • Three nozzles for homemade sausages and kebbe.

Slices or straws?

Shredder Dauken is 4 drums for different types of cutting vegetables — three types of straws and thin slices. Such a set is indispensable in the process of preparing blanks for the winter, freezing, and also just to feed guests with a healthy salad at a home party. All components of the device can be easily removed and washed, they are protected from rust and oxidation when in contact with juices.

Starting the day right

A glass of juice in the morning, after a delicious breakfast, charges you with positive energy and vitamins for the entire first half of the day. With the Dauken FW2640J, you can indulge in citrus, peach, berry or even tomato juice whenever you want. It is ideal for squeezing juice from any soft fruit, and if you want juice from carrots or beets, use a shredder to grate them finely before squeezing, and enjoy! May every morning be good!

A significant plus

Dauken is confident in the quality and durability of its products, therefore it provides each customer with favorable extended warranty conditions: if you register it on the official website of the manufacturer when purchasing their device, Dauken will double the warranty period.

queen in the kitchen

Convenience and ease of operation, build quality, knife sharpening, modern ergonomic design and a large number of attachments of the Dauken FW2640J meat grinder helps you cook everything you plan even in strictly limited time mode, when guests are literally on the doorstep or when you just plan to spend the whole evening with your loved ones. Be prepared for questions about what smells so delicious from the kitchen, for admiring glances, exclamations of satisfied smiles. Dauken is a technique for real culinary queens!

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