Let’s go have fun! How to choose the right underwear for the most important evening?

Dress, makeup, styling. Haven’t forgotten anything? Underwear! An important element of this evening. A beautiful and comfortable set will surely give confidence to any graduate.

How to choose the right underwear and spend an unforgettable graduation party?

First of all, you should pay attention to material. The bra must be invisible under your outfit. Preference should be given to models made of smooth materials, without an abundance of lace inserts. Then the linen will not stand out under the soft fabric of the prom dress.

Important advice! Buy a bra that matches your skin color and then it will be invisible even under the thinnest fabric.

If the dress is with a deep neckline, then you can pick up a “curly” bra. Due to its shape, it will fit any cut depth. The bust support here is just as good as in the classic models, due to the special structure of the bowl and the special inserts on the sides that support it.

Push-up bra will help out slender girls with small breasts. He will lift the chest, due to which the bust visually increases, rounds and acquires magnificent forms.

And the most important thing: The bra must fit well. Do not squeeze, do not bind. A graduate should easily move in it all night! Always carefully measure your parameters and choose only your size.

And seamless high-waisted panties will ideally complement the graduation set of underwear, visually making the silhouette more refined. Tightly fitting to the body, they are almost invisible even under a tight dress. It is better to choose from basic colors: black, white and beige.

To all graduates of 2022, the WISH WOMAN team wishes to have an unforgettable Graduation and find THE SAME lingerie that will become a reliable companion on the most important evening!

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