Clothing is an important part of every person’s life. After all, it is a way of self-expression. We can no longer imagine ourselves without daily change of images, selection of clothes for certain events. And shopping in general has become a constant and at the same time a pleasant pastime. Therefore, to live without fashion and style in the modern world will not work.
Many girls have a problem with the choice of things and with the state of the wardrobe in general. Sometimes there is such chaos and disorder that it is very difficult to find a certain thing, and it is almost impossible to put together a stylish look.

Where should you start sorting out your wardrobe?

  • From sorting. Clothing needs division between the seasons. Why is this summer dress lying next to a warm sweater? Unknown. Things for every season, as well as things that are suitable for all seasons, need to be divided. Then it will be easier to navigate in your own wardrobe. In addition, you can move clothes suitable for the season closer to you. For example, on shelves that are on a par with your height. And clothes that do not fit at all can be put on the upper or lower shelves. This will make it much easier to navigate.
  • Separation by color and size is equally important in the analysis of the wardrobe.
    If you have a large number of hangers hanging in your closet, then you should arrange things from the longest to the shortest thing. So you will not get confused in the hems of your dresses and outerwear. Dividing by color will certainly help you look at things easier. You will immediately understand where your black jacket and white shirt are. It is easiest to determine by color and find a thing.
  • After the previous points, it is important to determine for yourself the necessity and practicality of each thing, absolutely everyone. All girls have clothes that they put aside «for later» and never wear them again. You definitely have those things. Why store unnecessary junk? You need to get rid of these things first.

Go shopping?

If the closet has become quite empty, then it must be filled with new and relevant things. How do you know exactly what you need to buy? If your major part of your life is study or work, then you should buy classic and versatile things to fit your lifestyle. If your life is a series of sporting events (competitions, marathons, hikes), then the clothes should be the same. Why do you need ten different dresses if your everyday look is a tracksuit? Dresses are not bad, you just need to evaluate your pastime objectively. And unnecessary things will only take up space in the wardrobe, and crowd out really useful things.
Basic Capsule!
In addition, it is necessary to collect basic things that will be universal and always relevant. People often have situations when they are late for something and need to quickly decide what to wear. That same irreplaceable base will help with this. Boyfriend jeans and a white shirt — nothing is more versatile. Your image is ready — run on business.
To make your life easier, you can also create images in advance. So you will better understand what you have and what is clearly missing in your wardrobe and what is worth buying. Experiment, combine the incongruous, because something really worthwhile can come out of it.
All girls are constantly in search of their own style. Before you firmly decide what style you have, remember to sort out your clothes at the moment. Maybe it doesn’t suit your style at all? Organize your wardrobe the right way, don’t be afraid to change and find your own style.

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