How to prepare for your best riding season


Unfortunately, in our country with very severe weather conditions, motorcyclists are deprived of the opportunity to enjoy what they love all year round. The motor season in Russia is interrupted by an unsuitable period for riding a two-wheeled horse from November to March. But this is not a reason to give up a hobby, but for someone it is a matter of life. Often avid bikers, like migratory birds, go with their iron friends to warm countries. If you do not have such an opportunity, you will have to wait for the season, but you can start preparing for it now. As they say, prepare the sled in the summer, and the bike in the winter.

What exactly needs to be done before the start of a new motorcycle season? Let’s find out now!

1. Motorcycle check

Perhaps the most obvious, but vital point. Even with a high-quality “preservation” of the iron horse at the end of last season, do not neglect this before starting a new one. If you think your bike is in a seemingly heated garage, there are still significant temperature and humidity fluctuations. And it can affect the condition of metal and rubber. Therefore, first of all, carefully check all metal parts of the motorcycle for corrosion or deformation. And pay special attention to the condition of the tires. If even a slight defect is found, contact a specialist immediately.

You can either call the master to your garage or deliver the motorcycle to the service. If you are repairing a motorcycle yourself, do not take the time for a detailed inspection: evaluate the battery charge, oil and coolant levels, check the spark plugs, fuel filter, clutch and brake cables, and clean the carburetor.

Another important reason not to put off preparing your bike is to save money. Prices for the same spare parts in January and at the end of March differ significantly. And it’s much easier to get components in winter, because before the start of the season they will be dismantled like hot cakes.

2.Verification of documents

To drive a motorcycle, you must have the following set of documents:

  • vehicle registration certificate;

  • category «A» rights;

  • OSAGO policy.

A couple of months before the start of the season, you need to make sure that all these documents are in place and not overdue. Then, in case of inconsistencies, you will have time to correct everything.

It’s no secret that a motorcycle is an extreme and traumatic mode of transport, so it will not be superfluous to purchase an additional health insurance policy that will help you receive high-quality and timely assistance in unforeseen situations.

3. Good protection

In order for the pleasure of the bike not to be overshadowed by troubles, it is necessary to ensure maximum safety for yourself. To do this, choose the right ammunition. Owners of motorcycles, especially racing motorcycles, need to have the following items.


The most important attribute of speed lovers, which definitely should not be neglected. Choose helmets made of composite materials — they are stronger and lighter than thermoplastic counterparts. The most important thing is not to make a mistake with the size. The helmet should fit snugly, but not squeeze the head to the point of discomfort. It’s a great idea to «break in» your helmet at home before you get behind the wheel. So you get used to the sensations, and you will know the blind spots.

Motorcycle jacket

Most of the vital organs are located in the body, so protection for the body is no less important than a helmet. And do not think that you will have to carry armor on yourself. Modern motorcycle turtles are durable, comfortable and very light. And the ASPOLIFE jacket is completely made of a special “breathable” material, which allows you to avoid discomfort in warm weather.

Motorcycle pants

Many people ignore this attribute, and for good reason. After all, the legs are one of the most vulnerable parts of our body. Be sure to protect the fold points: kneecaps and hips. It is there that the joints and the most fragile bones are located. Aspolife pants have a high degree of protection in all necessary areas. And due to the unique ABS material, they remain light and elastic, which is also very important for a motorcycle racer.


The grip of the motorcyclist must be steel in order to prevent the powerful iron beast from escaping from control. Good gloves will help with this. A great option — ASPOLIFE motorcycle gloves. Breathable fabric, anti-slip coating, impact-resistant inserts — everything you need to protect your hands.

The season is just around the corner! And now is the time to start preparing. Treat your extreme hobby with love and responsibility, then the new motorcycle season will definitely be the best!


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