How to choose the right wallpaper for the nursery

When it comes to repairs, we pay maximum attention and time to the design of the nursery. And this is not surprising, because the nursery is a small universe in which the baby grows, matures and gets to know the world. The interior of the nursery should fully correspond not only to the age and gender of the child, but also to his character and interests. Before you buy children’s wallpaper, decide on the material.

  • Vinyl wall murals are very high quality and wear-resistant, they are easy to wash and clean from dirt. They do not fade in the sun and perfectly hide the bumps and flaws in the surface of the walls.
  • Non-woven photo wallpapers are denser than vinyl, they can just as easily hide errors on the walls, and they are just as easy to wash and clean. Their structure allows the wallpaper to breathe, so they are suitable for rooms with high humidity.
  • Paper photo wallpapers are not of such high quality as the ones described above, but they are much cheaper, so they are perfect for children’s creativity. After all, replacing them will not be expensive at all.

Wall mural in a child’s children’s room is a kind of means of creating his mood. They can transform an ordinary living space into a small fairy tale world. When choosing photo wallpapers for a child’s nursery, parents should still take into account factors such as their age and gender. After all, the tastes are different for schoolchildren and preschool children, for boys and girls.

It is very important to correctly choose a pattern that will suit not only parents, but also the child. When choosing photo wallpapers, you should follow these rules.

  • Wallpaper should be combined with the interior of the entire room. In order not to clutter up the room, it is better to apply such wallpaper on one wall, for example, near the bed or in the play area.
  • A wall with photo wallpapers should not be decorated with many shelves, lamps or covered with shelving. It is better to leave it empty so that the child can admire the pattern.
  • The interests of the child should be taken into account when choosing wallpaper. For those who love science fiction, images of the heroes of popular films are suitable. Girls mostly choose murals with princesses, castles and cute animals.
  • You need to be prepared for the fact that after a while the occupant of the room may stop liking such wallpapers and they will need to be changed.

In choosing the plot of the picture, the age of the child plays a significant role. Small children themselves can not choose wallpaper, parents themselves can choose the design of the room. Psychologists believe that a room for newborns should be decorated in light pastel colors. For children from three years old, it is better to choose bright, colorful wallpapers. Drawing on the wallpaper should not scare the baby. To visually expand the room and make it brighter, it is recommended to paste over one wall and paint the rest. Children 6 years and older can provide their own wallpaper. For them, it will be an exciting game. At this age, I like different, plants, nature and funny animals. An ideal option would be to choose a wallpaper with a picture of wildlife.

This will suit boys and girls. The main task of parents is to choose wallpapers that not only please the child, but also become safe for his health. Do not forget that in a few years the kids will grow up, and animals with fairy-tale characters will become uninteresting. Therefore, before buying, you should take care that sooner or later they will have to be replaced. In the girls’ room, it is advisable to select soft, light and gentle tones. Wallpaper with bright colors in delicate colors is perfect. They should create comfort and coziness in the room. Proper and beautiful design will favorably affect the baby and form her taste. The interests of children and teenagers change rapidly, and in just a few years, a child may be fascinated by pirates instead of superheroes or want to replace the image of princesses and pink ponies with a landscape. A significant advantage of children’s photo wallpaper is the ability to easily and quickly update the interior. It is much easier to re-paste one wall or only part of it than to completely change the wallpaper. It is for the opportunity to quickly and economically transform a room with photo wallpapers that we love this element of decor so much!

Today the room is a green lawn inhabited by animals from a cheerful solar farm, and tomorrow, as if by magic, it can turn into ocean expanses where ships sail and make sea battles!

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