How to choose the right size and model of children’s panties?


Experts advise for younger children to select several products in size, and one or two sizes larger. They explain this by the fact that children grow rapidly and their body parameters change.

The style of panties is not the main indicator for a child. The fabric from which the product is sewn is much more important. The knitwear from which the product is made must have high hygroscopicity. Choose models that contain as many natural fibers as possible. It can be cotton, bamboo, wool.

For boys, there are several models of underpants:

  • Boxers are shorts that look like shorts. They can be tight or loose. The length of such shorts in the lower part is also variable. They are most suitable for boys of preschool age and primary school students.
  • Hipsters are a type of boxers. They are slightly shorter, and the fit at the waist in such models is lower. Hippies are preferred by older children and teenagers.
  • Slips (briefs, swimming trunks) are a classic style of underpants for boys. For this model, the correct size is important. Otherwise, the laundry may exert excessive pressure and cause irritation.
  • Family briefs are a free model that can be purchased for boys of any age.

For girls there are also different models of panties:

  • Shorts are the most closed fitting model.
  • Slips are a classic style of swimming trunks. They differ in landing height.
  • Tango — panties, consisting of two triangles connected by narrow inlays. This style is suitable for high school students. Not recommended for everyday wear. Tango can be worn under a tight-fitting evening dress.
  • Thongs are underpants, which are a triangle in front and a narrow strip of fabric in the back. This option is also not recommended for long-term wear.
  • Bikini. They are distinguished by a low landing. The panties are cut in the form of two triangles.


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