How to choose the right pot for indoor plants?

When a new flower appears in the house, you need to find a suitable «housing» for it. And first of all, the pot should not be an element of your decor, but comfortable and caring for the plant. Today on the market you can find a lot of pots for indoor plants, the main points that you should pay attention to when buying is the volume and material of the product. How to choose the right comfortable flowerpot, we will analyze in more detail below.

What are the shapes of pots? Depending on the growth and preferences of a houseplant, an individual flowerpot is selected. It must meet all the requirements for a comfortable stay in it. The form is one of the important criteria when choosing a product.

  • Ball

The spherical shape of the pot is wide inside and tapers towards the top. This is not suitable for all plants and it may be difficult to transplant due to its neck.

  • Cylinder

A flowerpot in the form of a cylinder has an equal diameter in height. The size of the pot can be different and small and large, depending on the plant.

  • Trapezoidal (tulip)

The most popular and sought-after type of plant pot is a trapezoidal product. Such flowerpots are considered the most comfortable for flowers due to the fact that the size of the neck is slightly larger than the size of the bottom. Due to this, the roots of the plant grow in depth and breadth. From such a container, you can quickly transplant a flower without harming the roots. Pot — tulip is perfect for large plants, such as bamboo or palm trees.

Sizes and volumes of containers. Such parameters are also important when buying a pot. Depending on the roots and size of plants, individual criteria are selected. For example, for massive and palm-shaped species, large and very stable containers will be needed. Such plants are usually kept on the floor or on special stands. For tall flowers, pots with a wide base are selected, and the height should be at least half the stem. In most cases, flowerpots with a diameter equal to 2/3 of the height of the container are well suited for many plants.

Choose the material of the flowerpot. There are 3 main materials from which pots for indoor plants are made:

  • Ceramics

Products made of ceramics are very beautiful, perfectly complement the interior of any room, stand out for their environmental friendliness. But such material has more minuses than pluses. Despite the fact that such containers look very aesthetically pleasing, their walls do not allow moisture and air to pass through. Due to this plant will not be comfortable. Also, such a pot requires separate care, because ceramics are not the easiest material and are very whimsical. Prone to chips and scratches.

  • Wicker pots

The weaving itself is made of wood, which means that such products must often be coated with a special impregnation so that they last longer. Otherwise, the flowerpot will be in constant contact with water and will slowly resolve. You can keep a houseplant in a wooden pot, it is very beautiful and stylish, but do not forget about the whimsicalness of the tree.

  • Plastic

The most durable and reliable option is a flowerpot made of plastic. On such material, chips or scratches will not form. Plastic withstands temperature extremes well, is not afraid of cold and moisture. An important point — when buying a pot, you should pay attention to the presence of drainage holes. They will help excess moisture to get out.

We offer you to pay attention to the universal pot for indoor plants InGreen.

The capacity of 15.7 liters is perfect for large plants such as ficuses, dracaenas, palms, orchids. The container is made of durable plastic, which will not succumb to deformation from cold, moisture or high temperature. Includes body and insert. Drainage holes will ensure the release of excess moisture from the soil and the roots of the plants will not rot.

One of the features of the flowerpot is convenient wheels, with the help of which even the heaviest and tallest plant can be easily moved to another room or office. In addition, the floors of the premises will remain scratch-free.

When purchasing an InGreen pot, you do not have to worry about your plants, as the container has an automatic watering function and will always take care of the flowers.

You can buy any color of the pot you like by clicking on the product card at the link below:

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