How to choose the right lighting

What do we know about lighting in general? Only the fact that light gives us the opportunity in the dark time of the day not to limit ourselves in everyday affairs! What else? So that the lighting objects are beautifully combined in the interior, as well as what would create a cozy atmosphere without irritating the eyes! In this article we will talk about how to choose the right lighting for the interior, about the light that does not harm the optic nerve, and how to choose it all on a budget.

How lighting affects the interior

Good lighting will emphasize interior details, visually enlarge the space and make the room cozy! A lighting fixture such as a chandelier is a bright and central lighting element that captures the entire room. However, the chandelier should not be the only lighting fixture in your room.

Pendant lamps — more and more often you can find pendant lamps and lamps in the interior of any style, and they are good because you can highlight the area you need in the interior, thereby highlighting a special place! Any pendant lamps will cope with this task, it’s up to you to choose the ones that will emphasize the interior not only with light, but also with their performance!

Table lamps are the most popular lighting fixture in any interior! A table lamp with a beautiful lampshade will become the main decoration of the interior! They go great with any style, they are easy to place, table lamps do not require a special surface or fixture. The choice of this kind of lamps is now so numerous that it is simply not possible not to choose according to your taste and pocket!

Proper use of table lamps:

1) Decorative use — only for decoration or addition to the interior (mantels, consoles, bedside tables and tables, chests of drawers), then special attention is paid only to the external style and decoration, light and lighting is not the main goal

2) On the dining table, yes, and light is also needed there, but very carefully, bright light is not needed at all in this area, so you need to choose a small lamp with a small lampshade skirt that gently scatters light

3) On the desktop — this lighting area should be approached responsibly. The quality of lighting affects the health of our vision! It is better to choose a table lamp for such use with a matte finish, so that the light does not reflect (as it happens from a glossy finish) and thus does not fight back in your eyes! This will help avoid glare and damage to your vision. Do not allow a lamp with a protruding bulb from the ceiling to appear on the desktop, this is harmful to the retina and lens of the eye. Also, always read the instruction manual, especially with regard to the power of the lamp illumination!

4) On the lady’s table, it is important to choose the right lamp, because such a lamp must have a closed diffuser so that bright light does not fall into the mirror and blind the eyes. You should not choose a lamp with a bright saturated lampshade, because. the color rendition is broken and you can apply makeup very unsuccessfully!

floor lamps

Floor lamps are also often found in the interior and equally well perform the function of both lighting and decorative. Floor lamps combine several lighting functions and this is their huge plus: general light — to fully illuminate the room, accent light — to highlight a certain place and angle, additional light — to make it brighter and increase the flow of the main glow, and you can also use its muted light to create a cozy and calm atmosphere in the room. Also, floor lamps are not whimsical at all, they can travel around your house from room to room at any time! If somewhere there is not enough light or you need to visually change the room, then with a floor lamp you can sometimes correct these nuances. Now there is a huge variety of styles and designs of floor lamps, which is also not difficult to choose according to your taste and pocket.

Light and properly selected lighting is an integral part of any interior; without good lighting, even the most designer interior can be lost in simple words and look very gloomy. It is also important to choose any type of lamps to your taste in order to create that harmony in the house, from which you and your household are cozy and comfortable. But there are no problems with this now, a huge variety of lamps in any style and design can be found in the Gifts of the East store, where they will advise you on all issues and help you make the right choice!

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