How to choose the right accessories

What are all these scarves, brooches, earrings, panama hats for? With their help clothes becomes an image! It is in these details that His Majesty STYLE lies. It is very important to follow the trends in clothing, but it is equally important to be able to choose accessories for fashionable clothes.

Do you wear brooches? This is perhaps the rarest accessory of today’s fashionistas, which is why we are talking about it in the first place. The brooch draws attention to your image almost instantly! However, brooches should be worn exclusively on clothes without a print, only in this case this accessory will be appropriate. It is better if the brooch matches in color either with shoes or with a bag, or other accessories should have the same shade.

Panama is a headdress of the last two years, which is so fond of city girls. Panama should be chosen quite carefully to your image, since this headdress is not suitable for everyone. But if you are one of those who like Panama, then you should choose bright summer colors, and in combination with a bright matching bag — a win-win option. This bright duo will go well with jeans, summer dresses, skirts, and everything!

The biggest accessory, or even just the first necessity of any girl, is a handbag. A handbag simply must be of high quality, made from natural materials, since this accessory is not for one season — a stylish handbag should serve for several years! For summer looks, it is better to choose light bags, or even give preference to bright colors. A more versatile option is beige tones.

Belt fashion is back! Hooray! For several years we have observed young people without this accessory, but as soon as the tops take the place of shirts and T-shirts, the belt again asks for your waist. Again, the belt and bags are most often leather products, and it is better if they are in harmony with each other.

Be fashionable, be in trend, create unique images, give beauty to this world.

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