Creativity: what is it like in the modern world?


It would seem that every year there are more and more creative people in the world. They constantly invent and create. They are popular and loved by others. They are inspired by other people’s work and create their own. They are in constant motion, because they are creative people. A million ideas are born in their head every day. Just keep writing and creating.

At least that’s how it seems initially. Who are these creative people of our time? Those who make money on ceramic brooches made according to pre-made samples from the Internet? Maybe workshops on creating teddy bear clones are the ripe fruits of creativity? Or the fashion for the environmental friendliness of jute baskets? What is this creativity? What is real art?

No, no, I don’t want to defiantly belittle the abilities of people, their purpose and main income. I just want to remind you that creating something of your own, invented from your head, is much more pleasant and productive. Anyone can draw or trace along the contour, pour into a mold prepared by someone. But to create something truly yours… to create something that might already exist, but to do it entirely on your own. I didn’t look anywhere. Sit at the table. Think. Create. Fantasy is what should motivate and delight in people.

Can you create something of your own? Just promise that you won’t lie to yourself about how original your creative work is. Answer 1 question. Do you create art or do you sternly worship the laws of demand?


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