Oversized jackets are a fiery greeting from the 1960s and 1970s, when young ladies began to get rid of the fetters of the household and actively build a career. And no, they didn’t try to make them look like men, as many might think — it’s just that at that time they didn’t sew other jackets, since they were considered men’s clothing.

For women there were jackets — narrow, cropped, and even with fake pockets. They were, of course, beautiful, but completely impractical. And I wanted to look businesslike, and at the same time be comfortable.

When the girls came out in jackets from the male shoulder, it suddenly turned out that they looked very personal. Oddly enough, such coarse clothes gave the young lady elegance and fragility. Looking at this, it seemed that for the sake of this beauty some gentleman took and voluntarily parted with his jacket.

Time passed, fashion changed. At some point, women’s jackets narrowed and shortened again — leaving only shoulder pads as a reminder. Only in the 2010s did the already familiar loose jackets return to fashion, on hangers in stores, as well as in the must-have of women’s wardrobe.

A more practical, comfortable and versatile piece of clothing is hard to imagine. With it, you can create many different styles and looks for every day, whether it’s going to work, lunch in a cafe, visiting a museum or a festive evening in a restaurant.

If you are looking for such clothes for your wardrobe, you will love the women’s double-breasted jacket made of quality viscose from the Russian manufacturer ONAFF. Its versatile gray color and elongated style make it a perfect fit for any wardrobe, be it standard or capsule. It can be made part of a business style by including it in an office set with a shirt, pencil skirt and tailored trousers, or worn with jeans and a T-shirt for a more democratic casual style. You can even take it to a gala event, throwing it over a dress.

The ONAFF company is engaged in production in St. Petersburg. However, it is possible to become the owner of stylish clothes of the “as from a man’s shoulder” category, regardless of the city of residence.

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