Best Garlic Presses: Which Garlic Press is Best for Your Kitchen?


Let’s be honest: no one likes to chop garlic. To give the dish a piquant taste, you have to deftly wield a knife or grind small cloves on a grater. Both methods are not entirely safe for the hands and require skill. That’s why there are so many canned alternatives on store shelves. But we say: choose fresh spices if you want a truly fantastic taste. Use chopped fresh cloves even if it takes a little time and effort. Buy garlic only with flawless, light-colored bulbs and never store them in the refrigerator. The best place for their long life is a dry and dark box. And for chopping them, use a good garlic press. Which one? The Store of Permanent Sales presents a large selection of functional garlic presses. Read our buyer’s guide to find out which one works best.

What is a garlic press and why is it needed?

A garlic crusher is a kitchen tool for crushing raw garlic cloves. As a rule, it consists of two parts — a chamber for garlic cloves and a plate with teeth, which turns them into an airy puree of pulp and juice. Thanks to the garlic press, you no longer need to chop garlic with a knife or use other handy tools. In just a few seconds, you get a spice with the perfect consistency for your culinary masterpieces.

A garlic press does two things: it grinds the cloves into a paste, and it keeps your hands clean. When we crush spices, their smell and taste is enhanced by the allicin content. The finer the cloves are cut, the more allicin is formed and the stronger the garlic flavor.

Chopped vs Chopped Garlic: What’s the Difference?

You can use spices in different ways: cut into small pieces or crush with a press to a mushy state, but what’s the difference?

Chopped garlic requires preliminary cleaning and the ability to deftly manage a knife with small products. To achieve the desired consistency, you will have to chop the slices repeatedly with a knife. With minced garlic, it’s a little different: you can put an unpeeled clove inside a container and you’ll end up with a concentrated paste with more flavor and aroma, perfect for making dressings or sauces.

Benefits of Using a Garlic Press

Save time and effort: The key benefit of a garlic press is the ability to save time in cooking, as you don’t have to peel the garlic, as well as repeatedly chop the clove to the desired consistency.

Odorless on hands, knife and cutting board: If you have never used this wonderful gadget before, then you know how “nice” your hands, knife and cutting board smell after chopping garlic cloves. The opposite will happen with the press, as you won’t have to touch the spices with your bare hands. You only need to crush it and add it to the dish.

Can a garlic press be used for ginger?

Rather no than yes, because most garlic presses don’t have the power to crush ginger. You have every chance to break a kitchen gadget, and therefore if this product is not in the manufacturer’s recommendations, it is better to abandon experiments.


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