Orthodox Christians will hold the Dormition Fast on August 14–27. How to eat right during fasting, so as not to harm your health, 5-tv.ru was answered by endocrinologist and nutritionist Tatyana Filippova.

During any fast, the believer traditionally abstains from food of animal origin.

“The presence of any diseases, chronic diseases, exacerbation of some diseases, pregnant women and children, all these categories of citizens, the elderly, including, they are, as it were, exempted from fasting,” the expert explained.

However, there are those who see fasting as an opportunity to lose weight.

“Fasting is not a diet, it is not some kind of dietary restrictions or the exclusion of some foods. It’s more of a spiritual thing though. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on it, ”said Filippova.

The nutritionist recalled that even after the end of the fast, one should not immediately rush to those foods that were “forbidden”. Leaving the post should be gradual.

“The main thing is not so much the entrance as the exit from it (post — Ed.). Because a sharp return to a normal diet after severe restrictions, of course, can contribute to a negative effect on the body, ”said the nutritionist.

The expert recommends adding the usual food to your diet in small portions. A smooth exit from the post will allow you not to gain weight and get all the pleasure from the products.

Dormition Fast Food Calendar 2022

Recall that there are various restrictions on the menu during the Dormition Fast.

According to the monastic charter, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the charter prescribed dry eating, that is, you can eat only food of plant origin, which was not amenable to heat treatment:

  • uncooked food;
  • fresh, dried or soaked vegetables;
  • fruit.

On Tuesday and Thursday, boiled food without vegetable oil is allowed.

On Saturdays and Sundays, you can cook dishes with vegetable oil. Also on these days, wine is allowed in small quantities.

It is worth emphasizing that the gastronomic restrictions for the laity are not so strict. Before you start fasting, you should take a blessing from a priest or confessor.

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