What absolutely can not be done in the morning: TOP 3 tips


For the health of the body, not only sleep, which takes up almost a third of our life, is important, but also the process of getting out of it. What habits should be abandoned, we tell in the material 5-tv.ru.

Don’t set the alarm

Convincing yourself that “five more minutes” will help you get enough sleep is self-deception. It is worth learning to get up immediately after the alarm goes off and not move it forward every five minutes.

One of the reasons for a heavy rise in the morning may be ignoring the rules of «sleep hygiene». The best advice for maintaining the health of the body is not to eat before bed, not to sit up in gadgets and in front of the TV.

Don’t pick up your smartphone as soon as you wake up

In the era of the development of social networks, the habit of picking up the phone immediately after waking up has become one of the most common and harmful. According to experts, this can have a bad effect on the state of the nervous system, and the risk of anxiety also increases.

You can’t jump out of bed

There are people who get up immediately after waking up, but they do it very abruptly. Lying in bed for a while and getting up slowly is not only a pleasant, but also a healthy way to start a new day. Otherwise, a sharp transition to a state of wakefulness can be fraught with the onset of nervousness.

Don’t sacrifice breakfast

Many people are not used to breakfast at all, they prefer to just drink a cup of coffee, although this drink can irritate the stomach lining.

In general, you should start your morning with a glass of water, as this helps stimulate the production of gastric enzymes and intestinal motility, as well as reduce the acidity of gastric juice.

In addition, do not neglect the correct and balanced breakfast. After all, thanks to a hearty and healthy breakfast, a person feels full longer, as a result, appetite decreases and weight decreases.


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