TOP-5 non-standard inventions for a comfortable life


The era when the main achievement of human thought was the wheel has passed. Today, scientific minds are busy creating far less practical, but no less interesting things. Experts REN TV found out what inventions of recent years are designed to make life easier for a modern person.

Silent karaoke

Singing karaoke at home without disturbing the neighbors? Easily! Japanese inventors came up with a special microphone. Around it is a cone of soundproofing material. The song is heard only by the performer through headphones that are connected to a microphone.

The gadget is incredibly popular, and most often it is purchased by people with poor vocal abilities. True, for those around them, such concerts are still torture — instead of music and songs, they are forced to listen to a deaf howl.

Waterproof book case

Another novelty of inventors from the Land of the Rising Sun is a waterproof cover for books. It is useful for those who like to read in the bathroom. Externally, the gadget is somewhat reminiscent of a transparent inflatable pillow. First, a book is placed in it, and then filled with air. Thanks to this, the book will never sink.

At the bottom of the cover there are two cavities for the thumbs. With their help, you can easily flip through the pages. Such a device is not cheap — about sixty dollars. In terms of rubles, this is almost four and a half thousand.

Butter for hiking

And this invention was invented by American tourists. In appearance, it is no different from a regular glue stick. But instead of a sticky substance in a tube … butter!

Making such a gadget turned out to be easy. It is enough to take a suitable stick from under the glue, carefully remove it, wash it thoroughly, pour melted butter into it, close it tightly and put it in the refrigerator. Half an hour — and the oil in an unusual package is ready! It is convenient to take it on a hike or to grease pans and baking sheets while cooking at home.

Pillow for two

For couples, American inventors have come up with a special pillow with a tunnel. You can stick your hand into it and not be afraid that the other half will lie down in a dream.

The developers claim that such a pillow is convenient to use on the road and even while working at the computer. The product is very light and compact — fits in almost any bag.

Protective helmet against viruses

This gadget was invented by German designers. The transparent helmet in the form of a sphere from the side looks more like an ordinary aquarium — only it is made of plastic. The inventors claim that this unusual headgear is an excellent means of protection during a pandemic.

And so that it does not look so boring, the developers offer buyers to decorate the helmet at their discretion. For example, paint in different colors, attach a sun visor, build in a microphone or even a speaker. True, the inhabitants of Germany have not yet appreciated the idea of ​​​​local designers and prefer to wear medical masks on the street.

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