TOP 3 skin care hacks


A woman always wants to look well-groomed, without flaws on her face. Dermatologist Tatyana Ballirano told about skin care hacks.

The expert identified three universal ways to care for the skin. They are equally suitable for both men and women. It won’t be hard to stick to them.

Skin care

Homemade masks or products from the store will help to make the skin better. Photo: / Ralph Kerpa

Regardless of natural data, any skin needs proper care.

“Cleanse, tone, nourish. There should be good means for cleansing the skin, we clean the pores, once a week we use gommages, enzyme peels, it’s good to remove the top layer of the skin very well, clean the pores, ” said the expert.

The dermatologist reminded me that you need to choose the right product for your particular skin. Skin types include normal, oily, dry, sensitive or combination. Serums, creams and masks will help to nourish it. The latter can be both purchased and made at home.

Self massage

Self-massage improves skin condition. Photo: / Winfried Schäfer

Proper skin care involves self-massage. There are a wide variety of methods. But there is also the most universal way of self-massage.

“We do everything along the massage lines: be sure to touch the back of the neck, drain the ears — we have a lot of active points here,” explained the dermatologist.

According to Tatiana Ballirano, after 35-40 years, special skin care techniques cannot be ruled out. These include injections, hardware techniques and salon procedures. However, doing everything in a row is also not worth it. All this is individual and prescribed by a specialist. The expert urged not to forget to use sunscreen throughout the year. Also, do not abuse heavy tonal products, as they clog pores and increase the risk of inflammation. Instead, it is better to purchase BB-, CC-creams, they are light, high-quality, they will just improve the quality of the skin.

Proper nutrition

Skin health also depends on human nutrition. Photo: / Michaela Begsteiger

The Chinese believe that the skin reflects the internal health of the body. In addition, the products they consume contribute to the appearance of a person. For better skin condition, Tatyana Ballirano recommends switching to proper nutrition.

“Now let’s not forget about fortified foods, vegetables, fruits. We try to process less thermally, ”- said the expert.

The dermatologist advises to undergo a complete examination. It is especially important to do this in the spring to see what your body lacks. In case of a deficiency of any vitamin, start consuming more natural products or dietary supplements.


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