Tips for summer residents: What to sow in June and how to make even beds


June crops are the best time for summer residents: the earth is already warm, and the fruits sprout quickly. tells what can be sown in the first month of summer, and also shares a life hack for perfectly flat beds.

What can you sow in June

In June, summer residents need to sow vegetables that can be eaten all year round. These include:

  • potatoes — early varieties ripen in 45-60 days, and medium ones — in 80;
  • carrots — early ripen in 70-90 days, medium — in 100-120 days;
  • beets — ripen in 50-90 days;
  • cucumbers — ripen in 45-50 days;
  • peas — bears fruit in 100-120 days.

Also in the first month of summer, you can plant dill and parsley. They ripen quickly, and in the fall summer residents will enjoy fragrant bunches.

What not to sow in June

Lettuce and Chinese cabbage planted in June may not sprout due to sudden changes in weather. They are best planted in July.

How to sow seeds evenly

In this trick, you will be pleased not only with simplicity and speed, but also with the complete absence of any monetary costs. All you need is an empty egg carton. It is best to take a “lattice” of 30 eggs, but if it is not there, a box of one dozen will do.

If the package has a lid, cut it off and put it away. Then the lower part — directly the «lattice» with recesses for eggs — press firmly against the soil prepared for sowing. Even rows of depressions will remain on the ground. Walk the entire garden in the same way. In this way, you will quickly and easily provide yourself with beautiful even rows, on which the plants will subsequently look neat and beautiful.

You can also save time and energy when performing everyday tasks. Previously, shared a life hack that allows make a blanket quickly in a duvet.


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