Named 3 secrets of taking pills for the heart and blood vessels


Cardiologist Anna Korenevich in her Telegram channel told how to take pills for the heart and blood vessels correctly.

The specialist emphasizes that a person who has a chronic disease of the heart and blood vessels: hypertension, arrhythmia, coronary heart disease, a heart attack and (or) stroke, chronic heart failure, has to take medication throughout his life.

“The treatment of these conditions is indefinitely long, prolonged, and to be more precise, lifelong,” she writes.

Korenevich also advises visiting a doctor and being examined, regardless of how you feel and your condition, regularly — at least once a year, and preferably two or more, depending on how you feel.

She names three rules for taking medications:

  1. Medicines must be taken at the same time. It is not necessary to focus on the level of blood pressure or well-being. There are patients who do not take blood pressure pills if the pressure is normal or low. It is not right. Constantly and at the same time. Some take breaks so that the liver rests — this is also wrong.
  2. Medicines are taken regardless of meals, mainly before breakfast (morning tablets) or after dinner at 21.00 statins. No need to wait for breakfast or lunch to take the pills, focus only on time.
  3. If you forgot to take your medicine, don’t worry, just take it as soon as you remember.

In addition, the doctor stressed that in addition to medications, attention should also be paid to other methods of treatment: regular physical activity, cardio nutrition, giving up bad habits (smoking, alcohol, overeating), relaxation methods (auto-training, meditation, breathing exercises), sleep quality has important in the treatment of cardiovascular problems.

Korenevich emphasizes that the true cause of problems in the heart and blood vessels is the accumulation of emotional trauma throughout life, the suppression of negative emotions and important human needs. As a way to cope with emotions, you can turn to a psychologist and psychotherapist, the doctor believes.


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