Makeup Secrets: How to Enlarge Your Eyes


Makeup artist Tatyana Reshetnikova clearly showed how to make eyes bigger and what details you should pay attention to during makeup.

What makeup is needed to enlarge the eyes?

To make your eyes bigger and more expressive, you will need a classic set for this type of makeup. Tatyana advises using a dark natural shade of shadows. It can be dark brown, dark beige and always close to your skin tone.

«Highlight on the center of the eye will add extra volume» — shared the make-up artist.

To create a highlight, you need to use shining shadows of warm tones. Preferably with small glitter.

How to enlarge eyes with makeup?

To visually enlarge the eyes, use a fluffy brush designed to apply a cosmetic product to the eyelids. The first step is to create a voluminous shading using shadows of natural shades.

“The shape of the shading should follow the shape of the eye” she advises.

Start working with a brush from the outer corner of the eye, then blend the shadows in a circular motion over the crease of the eyelid to its middle. Do not forget to paint over the lower eyelid as well.

“Many are afraid and think that the eye, on the contrary, will become narrower. But the main thing here is a large shade. ” Tatyana assured.

You can apply shadows under the eyes to the area where the volume ends. We also darken to the middle of the eye and connect it to the upper border. And a highlight in the center of the eyelid, which can be created using shimmery shadows, will add additional 3D volume.

«White pencil is usually used for stage makeup» makeup artist remarked.

You can also paint over the lower mucosa with a light pencil. Tatyana Reshetnikova advises using beige.


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