The summer solstice is understood as the moment when the Sun, in its movement along the ecliptic, passes its northernmost point and in our latitudes rises as close to the zenith as possible. This is the longest day of the year and the shortest night. Professional astrologer and psychologist Ksenia Shakhova told what the summer solstice will bring to different signs of the zodiac.

In 2022, such an important day falls on June 21 at 12:13 pm. The expert clarifies that at this moment the Sun will already be in the zodiac sign of Cancer. This determines the peculiarity of this time.

“I would like to note that on the eve of the summer solstice, the luminary passes through the zodiac zone of the twins. And twins are about communication, communication, relationship building and all kinds of mediation that helps people connect and connect with each other.”the astrologer emphasizes.

Let us consider more closely the influence of this period on all signs of the zodiac.

“For Aries, Libra and Capricorn, the solstice traditionally emphasizes external tension, that is, the space will remind you of the unresolved and emphasize some new tasks that will need to be dealt with, new challenges”— said Ksenia Shakhova.

According to the expert, these three signs will most acutely feel the problem areas, the accompaniment of a certain element of internal tension. But during this period, Aries, Libra and Capricorn can overcome themselves and reach the goal, gathering their will and efforts, working more diligently on a specific task.

Also in the season of Cancer, these signs will be most involved in what is happening, says the astrologer, perhaps somewhere even more vulnerable. For example, in personal life and in general in leading industries — relationships, partnerships, home and work.

There is a possibility of a not very successful situation for those born under the signs of Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius. Reason — Cancer is not friends with them directly. They should protect themselves from illness, danger and extreme sports.

“Of course, this is not the worst period of the year, but nevertheless, immunity may not be in the strongest position. Your own health and safety will be paramount for these signs. Therefore, I recommend relieving psycho-emotional and physical stress, for example, bathing, massage helps someone, active sports help someone, but it is advisable to take a vacation and take care of yourself, your health «— advises expert Shakhova.

Pisces and Scorpios will feel comfortable during the period of Cancer from the moment of the summer solstice. The zone of this water sign is clear and close to them, they themselves represent the water element. Here it is advisable to turn to your true nature: do not exaggerate any situations, do not wind yourself up, relax and get the maximum pleasure and benefit from life.

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According to the astrologer, for Taurus and for those born under the sign of Virgo, a happy period begins to make a trip and renew their lives, exchange experience and knowledge with other people, get some incentive for intellectual activity and scientific discoveries.

“I recommend Gemini during this period to focus on personal resources, on the material side of life, because the solstice and the period of Cancer activate the finance zone. Here it is possible either to update your own wallet, to purchase some interesting thing, accessory, or to think over effective ways to earn money.— said Ksenia Shakhova.

The expert emphasizes that in general this is a good time to take your income seriously. You can also establish business relationships for the purpose of financial promotion.

“At the solstice, the most important thing is that each sign of the zodiac can fulfill their dreams in order for them to become a reality. Fill them with the energy of goodness, good luck and get together as much as possible, focus on what is important.— summed up the astrologer.

You also need to remember that the period of Cancer is, first of all, an emphasis on home, on family, on patriotism, on relationships within the circle familiar to you. Therefore, it is worth establishing contacts with other people and relying on values ​​that are important and significant for a person.

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