How to sleep and lose weight at the same time: Top 5 simple tips from a nutritionist


Losing weight in a dream — myth or reality? Reality, nutritionist Elena Solomatina is sure, since in a dream there is an active splitting of fats, but only if the daily regimen is observed and the person eats properly.

Losing weight in a dream occurs due to the production of somatotropic hormone. In a child’s body, this substance is responsible for the growth of tissues during sleep, and in an adult — for muscle repair, and this contributes to weight loss. The more muscle tissue a person has, the more cells he has that are responsible for active fat burning.

“In the recommendations for quality weight loss, in addition to simply maintaining an active lifestyle, a full sleep is necessarily noted (from 23:00). If a person does not fill up the norm, then he produces cortisol, which inhibits weight loss.— quotes Solomatina «Evening Moscow».

According to her, this is due to the fact that people with a downed day regimen need much more effort to lose weight.

“In people with more developed muscle mass, this process will proceed faster due to the fact that it has more mitochondria that break down fats”said the nutritionist.

She emphasized that in any case, in people with a full eight-hour sleep, the process of losing weight proceeds more quickly. The expert also reminded that it would not be possible to fully lose weight only in a dream, along with this, it is necessary to maintain physical activity. Solomatina listed the factors that affect the quality of sleep, and therefore the process of weight loss in a dream.


The less light in the room where a person sleeps, the better, because the lack of light stimulates the production of the hormone melatonin, it is he who is responsible for the quality of sleep. Therefore, it makes sense to abandon gadgets and computer before going to bed, as the light emitted by them negatively affects the process of falling asleep.


If the room temperature is too high, then this is reflected in the quality of sleep for the worse, as well as in the process of weight loss.


Alcoholic drinks promote falling asleep, which positively, but negatively affect the process of awakening and reduce sleep time in general. Therefore, to strengthen the night’s sleep, the nutritionist explains, a glass of wine is enough. Too much can negatively affect health.


Solomatina advises to always ventilate the room at night: this improves the quality of sleep. Stuffiness, on the contrary, interferes with quality sleep.


For more successful weight loss, the nutritionist gave some tips on proper nutrition. She says that dinner should be protein and overeating at night is also not worth it. You can include a protein shake in your diet, but you need to exclude any carbohydrate products, since carbohydrates are energy that needs to be spent. If there is an excess of it in the body, then in a dream it will be processed into body fat.

The nutritionist noted that one should not expect a special effect from the amount of water drunk before bedtime. This effect can only occur if colon cleansing supplements are taken along with water. Only the effect of such methods is not long-term and is fraught with morning puffiness.

Earlier, said that a strong craving for sweets often leads to undesirable consequences for the body. For the sake of maintaining your health, you need to understand the causes of eating disorders. Many people periodically have a desire to eat sweets. In some cases, this is a normal reaction of the body. But sometimes such cravings require a doctor’s consultation.


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