Which dentists should not go to


High-quality dental treatment will be effective only if it is carried out by a competent specialist. How to choose an attending physician, and why it is dangerous to be treated by a dubious doctor, said dentist Irina Rubleva in an interview with 5-tv.ru.

What is dangerous to be treated by an unverified dentist

Visiting an unverified doctor is very dangerous, including because it is not known what technologies the doctor uses. For example, young professionals often experiment. Unfortunately, in this case, it ends badly.

The doctor told what diseases are caused by improper brushing of teeth

Young doctors usually use modern technologies in the treatment of patients. However, incompetent professionals who prefer to use innovative tools for other purposes can only cause harm. As a result, complications of existing diseases will appear.

How to avoid treatment by incompetent dentists

On social networks, doctors often publish other people’s photos, the dentist warns. And when patients choose an attending physician based on a picture, they are more likely to run into an amateur or incompetent doctor. Ideal images may hide gum inflammation or tooth loss.

«If you are a non-professional, you will not be able to understand from the picture whether this is a good job or not. Because under this work, which is white and beautiful on the outside, there can be many gaps that will lead to inflammation of the gums and further loss of the tooth.«, the dentist warned.

How to find a good dentist

The specialist advises looking at reviews about the doctor and the clinic you are going to visit. Pay attention to how long the medical institution has been operating, to the length of service of doctors. It is also important to know what technologies a specialist uses when receiving patients, where and how he studied, what seminars he attends, what materials he works with.

«I believe that the golden age of a dentist is from 25 to 50 years old, when he has already learned something.”, — said Irina Rubleva.

The specialist notes that overly elderly doctors should be treated with caution. Specialists with years of experience may experience vision, back or joint problems, the dentist warns. Therefore, it is more difficult for them to perform micromanipulation inside the patient’s oral cavity.


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