The pediatrician told what a first-aid kit should consist of for the summer


Summer is the time for holidays and fun. But falls and illnesses await the baby both in the city and in the country. Pediatrician Ilya Bogdanov told the radio «Petersburg”, which should consist of an ideal children’s first aid kit for the summer.

Summer vacation can be accompanied by various ailments. In case the heir travels to the village to visit his grandmother or on a road trip, experts recommend collecting a first-aid kit for children. Put in it should be both universal drugs and the medicines necessary for a particular child.

“Antihistamine, antipyretic. Antiseptic, bandage, band-aid, nose drops, ear drops,” said the pediatrician.

Bogdanov stressed that parents should be extremely careful with the child and not belittle any child’s complaints related to his health.

“When a child has some gastrointestinal manifestations, the first thing we do is return the fluid that he loses. For this, there are certain solutions sold in a pharmacy, ”- explained the pediatrician.

It is necessary to give the child medicine to drink every 10-15 minutes. If after that he does not get better, it’s time to call a doctor. You can identify a dangerous disease in a child by how often the baby urinates.

“He drinks, even a little, but he urinates. At least once every six hours, the child should urinate in this situation. But sometimes it happens that six and eight hours and 12, we understand, he loses so much that he cannot adequately provide his water function to the body, ”- explained Bogdanov.

According to the doctor, in addition to drugs taken against the background of a chronic disease, medicines should be put in the first-aid kit in case of an exacerbation. All this should be taken with you on long trips: whether it is a trip by private car or a train ride to the village.


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