Today, buying a new car within two million is possible, but not easy. Difficulties arise, including with paperwork for the car. In an interview car selection expert Denis Eremenko explained how today you can bring a car from another country and not run into scammers.

Denis Eremenko
Expert in car selection, on the market since 2007

What car to buy for two million rubles

The Russian ruble is a very vague concept today. More recently, this amount could be used to purchase a Volkswagen Polo or Skoda Rapid car for one and a half to two million rubles from an authorized dealer. A little less than a year ago, in the fall of 2021, you could come to an official Skoda dealer and buy a new Octavia for 2.2 million rubles in a complete set. Today it costs about four or more million rubles. And today dealers have practically no cars in stock, there are no concepts of the recommended retail price.

In addition, there is a concept in the professional market that the car must be sold with a margin of a million, the expert says. In this case, the dealer has three cars in stock, whose purchase price is 1.2 million rubles. But these cars will be offered to a private buyer for two million rubles.

“A year ago, we could have bought a Volkswagen Passat in the station wagon body with a fairly good package. But the mileage of this car would be about 150 thousand kilometers. It would be a solid car with a diesel engine, with the probability that you could ride there for more than one year, ”- gave an example of an expert in the selection of cars Denis Eremenko.

Today, for two million you can buy the same Passat, but its mileage will be less than 100 thousand kilometers.

In a good configuration in Germany, it costs from 18 thousand euros. Depending on the volume of the engine, the duty also changes, the cost of which must be taken into account when clearing the car.

“Let’s take the most standard volume, this is two liters. And in the Russian customs for this car you will have to pay 5.4 thousand euros. Customs, respectively, is paid at the rate of the Central Bank in rubles on the day of customs clearance. That is, it is also constantly changing. The stronger the ruble, we pay less; the weaker the ruble, we pay more. At the exchange rate of 50 and 100 rubles, the duty will also differ twice, ”- said the expert.

In addition to official payments, you need to pay about 100 thousand rubles for:

  • GLONASS box;
  • SBKTS (certificate of safety design of the vehicle);
  • brokerage and related services, bank commissions.

In addition — services of intermediaries.

New or used car

The expert argues that today almost nothing can be bought for two million of new cars.

“It will be Lada Vesta in some good configuration, or “Chinese”. Moreover, the price tag for Chinese cars reaches three million rubles. explained the expert.

The price tag «fit» cars of famous European brands. But you need to clarify: those brands and models that are brought from Europe will be used. Cars with an «age» of three to five years are subject to minimal customs duties. This is the most popular segment today. For example:

  • Volkswagen Passat;
  • Volkswagen Golf;
  • Renault Talisman;
  • Renault Grand Scenic;
  • Volkswagen Touran.

Example: if a BMW X5 with a diesel engine is transported from Europe with a mileage of 2019 (it was in use from three to five years), a car in a certain configuration will cost about five million rubles. A similar car in Moscow will cost 6.5-7.5 million rubles, and the gap will be about 1 million rubles.

The expert told what will happen to car prices in Russia

A new car from an authorized dealer costs about 11.5 million rubles.

“For a three- or four-year-old summer car bought in Germany, you get a 50% discount. This is what attracts a huge audience, people who were considering a new car are switching to the secondary market, ” says Denis Eremenko.

It turns out that when buying a car in Europe, you win not only in price, but also in quality. There is an opinion that the European mileage in relation to the Russian one can be divided into three. That is, 100 thousand kilometers of European mileage is 30 thousand Russian ones, because the roads are better, the fuel is better, the service is better, there is no sand on the roads. In general, the living environment helps the car to stay in the best condition.

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