How to water plants in the summer in the country


The gardener’s harvest depends on many conditions. One of them is a sufficient amount of water in plants. Selcor, chairman of the All-Russian organization «Gardeners of Russia» Andrey Tumanov, told 5-tv.ru how to properly water a garden plot.

What water should be used for irrigation

When watering, pay attention to the water that the gardener is going to use. It should be saturated with oxygen and warm enough. Therefore, the expert does not advise watering plants with water from wells and wells, which was just raised from the ground.

“The best water heated in the sun. To do this, gardeners put barrels, pour water. This barrel will stand in the sun and that’s it, water it the next day. This is the best water or from some decorative pond. In general, there is such a concept: if frogs croak in the water, then this water is good for irrigation. So use it, ”advises the expert.

Particular attention should be paid to temperature. Comfortable water for irrigation should warm up to 15-25 degrees. If it is too cold or too warm, then this leads to stress in the plants.

It also happens that there is no possibility of using heated and settled water, and soon you need to leave back to the city. According to the expert, in this case, it is worth choosing the lesser of two evils and watering the garden directly from the water supply, well or well. In this case, it is better to use atomizers so that the water flow is divided into drops, and they have time to heat up a little and be saturated with oxygen.

When to water plants in the garden

The answer to the question about the frequency of irrigation and the volume of water resources used for this is individual in each case. It depends on your site, local climatic conditions, soil and the requirements of specific crops.

Two general rules can be distinguished:

  1. it must be regular and timely;
  2. for air access, the earth must be loosened before watering, preventing the formation of a crust.

Water the plants in the area should be in the early morning or late evening, when there is no bright sun. At this time, the evaporation of water will be minimal, it will be better absorbed into the soil. At the same time, drops under the influence of rays will not turn into burning lenses.

What are the watering requirements of different crops

Each plant has its own requirements for the frequency and abundance of watering, which must be studied individually and observed. The same approach to different crops can have a bad effect on their condition and yield.

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There are four groups of plants according to their ability to absorb water:

  • quickly consume water, need fractional and frequent watering (cucumbers, radishes, spinach, celery, cabbage, lettuce);
  • economical consumption with a developed root system, do not require frequent watering (carrots, tomatoes, melons);
  • economical consumption with an undeveloped root system, abundant watering is required during the first half of growth (onions, garlic);
  • quickly absorb water and spend intensively (beets).

It should be borne in mind that the greenhouse has its own characteristics of watering. For example, because of the increased temperature, greenhouse plants need more water. It can also be somewhat warmer than for street watering. This is due to the higher air temperature inside the greenhouse. Finally, excessive watering can lead to condensation, so do not forget about ventilation.

Do I need to add top dressing when watering

According to the expert, sometimes you can combine top dressing with regular watering. The use of fertilizers allows you to increase crop yields, which is extremely important in the presence of a modest summer cottage.

The advantage of introducing additional elements into the soil in a dissolved form is their faster absorption by the roots of plants. However, all fertilizers have certain rules for use.

“First you read the instructions and then feed according to this instruction, it is averaged for all soils. Therefore, after reading the instructions, you will never harm either the plant or yourself. And don’t do it like this: first they brought it in, then something burned down, and then only they climbed to read the instructions. This is not the way to do it.”says the expert.

The issue of compliance with the rules when using fertilizers is quite acute. Proper application of nutrients to the soil will not only bring a good harvest, but also eliminate the likelihood of unnecessary expenses for the gardener and a threat to nature.


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