Numerous books and articles have been devoted to proper nutrition. However, for many, this concept is still a big mystery. How to smoothly and harmlessly make it a part of your life, Tatyana Filippova, an endocrinologist and nutritionist, told

People have different approaches to the issue of proper nutrition. You can simply adequately take care of your health, think about the formation of a healthy diet in order to strengthen the body. Or take it to the extreme, which will lead to an eating disorder, which, as the doctor clarified, is called orthorexia. People with this diagnosis show great concern for proper nutrition, fixate on finding organic products, studying the composition on packages, and think only about their diet. In such a situation, it is better to seek the advice of a specialist.

However, even without these excesses, many misunderstand the concept of proper nutrition and make some mistakes. One of the most common is to try to follow all the rules at once. A typical story when a person became interested in proper nutrition and at the same time threw out all harmful foods, sweets, caffeine, alcohol from his usual diet, began to count calories and reduced salt intake. In practice, few people can withstand such an approach. Habits are introduced into our lifestyle for years, they also need to be changed gradually and carefully.

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A number of other mistakes that interfere with the transition to proper nutrition:

  • Monotony. People refuse harmful products, replacing them with useful ones. However, eating the same chicken breast and salad every day will get boring for any person very quickly. There are a lot of healthy dishes, you need to learn how to cook them.
  • Lack of physical activity. Proper nutrition works best when combined with regular exercise.
  • Starvation. What happens if you suddenly switch from large portions of your favorite unhealthy food to small portions of unusual healthy foods? Sure, there will be a breakdown. Therefore, the reduction in calorie intake should occur gradually and to adequate values.
  • Large portions. It is wrong to think that there is not much good. Portions should be such that after eating a person feels a slight hunger. And after a while, a feeling of satiety will appear.
  • Expecting Fast Results. The body needs time, be patient.

An ordinary person does not know all the nuances of a healthy diet and the characteristics of his body. Therefore, specialists often provide great assistance in the transition to proper nutrition.

“You can consult a nutritionist. This is just the same doctor who will help assess the state of the body, exclude any possible deficient conditions and choose a balanced diet that will be individually suitable for this particular person.the expert explained.

It is important to remember that proper nutrition is a way of life. They don’t switch to it temporarily to lose weight by the summer. This is a full-fledged philosophy of responsible attitude to your body, designed for a long period, preferably for a lifetime.

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