How to protect your skin from the harsh sun


In summer, the issue of protecting the skin becomes much more relevant due to increased sun activity. Plastic surgeon and cosmetologist Olga Ovanesova told how to choose a remedy for skin protection in the summer.

A sunscreen must meet the criteria that make it a truly great option for use in the summer.

According to the expert, the SPF protection (or Sun Protection Factor) of such a cream must exceed 50. The higher the value of the indicator, the more effective the anti-ultraviolet agent.

You also need to pay attention to how the product stays on the skin.

“So that it is better not to be washed off with water if we are on the beach or, on the contrary, to be washed off if we are not. To additionally do not apply any means to remove sunscreen «the expert advises.

A good sun protection product should not stain clothes or create a sticky film.

It is worth paying attention to volume. Purchasing small packs will result in one of two things: under-using or running out of cream quickly. In the second case, it is highly likely that a person simply will not buy a new one and will forget about security.

And, of course, the cost of such a tool should be acceptable, but taking into account the listed requirements.

A good sunscreen will help not only prevent sunburn, but also other undesirable consequences: malignant changes, photoaging, allergic dermatitis.

How does different skin react to UV light?

According to the expert, there are several skin phototypes that react differently to ultraviolet light. This reaction is mediated by melanocytes, specialized skin cells that produce melanin.

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People of the first and second phototype (blond and red-haired) simply become red in the sun, they are more likely to experience swelling or even a first-degree burn (redness, rush of blood to the vessels to the surface for heat transfer) than sunburn.

“Oriental people or African Americans are the fifth, sixth phototypes. They quickly sunbathe very quickly, they easily endure all this. ”says the expert.

All other people belong to the third and fourth phototype. Some time they can be in the sun. Such a person is able to tan, but not too quickly and does not burn immediately.


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