How not to run into scammers when buying a car abroad


You can buy a car from a foreign manufacturer and import it into Russia not only on your own, but also through an intermediary company. Auto expert Denis Eremenko in a conversation with explained how to recognize a scammer, what documents are required for a foreign car and what to do if a faulty vehicle was delivered to you.

Denis Eremenko
Expert in car selection, on the market since 2007

How not to run into scammers

Against the background of the hype, scammers appear who, by telling tales of «frozen» car prices, can take your money. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully approach this issue. You can check the company on several grounds:

  • TIN number. On the website of the tax service, you can see the date of registration of the company, on paid services — its turnover.
  • Date of registration of the domain name. Most companies have a website and can be checked by registration date. If the company was registered yesterday or six months ago, it is worth making sure of the purity of intentions before concluding a deal.
  • Media space: VK, YouTube, other social networks. This is an indirect verification method, but scammers actively use them.
  • Ask friends and acquaintances what they have heard about this company.

What documents to do upon arrival

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First of all, an electronic PTS is required for a car from abroad (vehicle passport — Ed.). First you need to buy GLONASS equipment and get a vehicle safety certification — this is a formal procedure. Almost any car certification can be obtained without problems.

«To get an electronic PTS, you must definitely buy ERA-GLONASS equipment. You must have a device number, without which you will not receive an electronic vehicle passport«, — said the auto expert.

As with a conventional car that was imported and sold by an official dealer, it is necessary to register the car with the MREO.

“Although, drawing an analogy with new cars, installation of GLONASS equipment on domestic cars is not required. And there are a number of regions, for example, the Far East, where the installation of this equipment has been cancelled. The Moscow region, unfortunately, is deprived of this. If the car is more than four years old, then you must first pass a technical inspection. We made an OSAGO policy, signed up, drove off, registered the car, ”- clarifies Denis Eremenko.

How to check the car

If you choose a car from those already brought, which are in stock, you can simply check the car. Before buying an imported vehicle, you can test it, clarify all the details, and also check the condition live. If during the check you have doubts about the proper quality of the car, consult a professional about buying.

For example:

  • Contact a friendly car service. Technicians will establish the condition of the engine, motor, gearbox, electronics.
  • Contact the car selection service, where the specialist is engaged in on-site diagnostics and issues a conclusion.

If the machine is faulty…

The expert replies that if a technical malfunction is detected, then the consumer protection law will apply. But take care of this risk should be in advance.

“With a high probability, the breakdown will not be due to the fact that someone wanted to deceive you, but it just happened. Anything can break on a used car. Sometimes these cars are in the parking lot and break down. Comfort access stops working, doors do not open, — auto expert warned.

When buying, you must enter in the contract of sale the full cost of the car. In car selection services, they warn that there are no guarantees for a used car. In the event that the malfunction can be fixed in a car repair shop for little money, it is more expedient to immediately contact an intelligent master.

If the cost of the costs is too high, you can terminate the contract of sale and return the money in a pre-trial order.

If the person refuses, the complaint is considered in court. The amount of recovery is equal to the amount of the car specified in the contract. But remember: by purchasing a used car, you agree to the possible damage that may occur.

How to choose a car repair shop

When choosing a workshop, proceed from the nature of the damage. There are services that carry out scheduled maintenance, and services that can make complex repairs. If you just need to change the oil or change the interior and filter, any workshop can handle it. There are no difficulties.

“Masters can do this both in a KIA car and in a Mercedes car at the same time — they snap off a couple of fasteners, pull out the filter, and put it back in. Drained oil, filled with oil. There are no difficulties.” says Eremenko.

If you have some kind of complex specific breakdown on a German car, then, with a high probability, people who change oil and pads will not help you. And in this case, contact a narrow-profile service, where they only deal with repairs and maintenance of a certain brand.

If suddenly you decide to get involved in this whole adventure, be vigilant, think with your head, the auto expert advises. Don’t lose your mind at the sight of sweet, «frozen» prices. Don’t let yourself be fooled.

Where to get spare parts for an imported car

In the current economic situation, prices in Russia for components fluctuate greatly.

“Here I would divide all the spare parts into “bodies” and into ordinary “locksmiths”. And you need to understand that, for example, according to our specifics, we carry different brands and models that were not officially sold on our market, ” explained autoexpert.

Denis Eremenko explains that there have been problems with body parts before. But now it is even more difficult and expensive to bring them. To date, all supply chains have been restored, but due to the fact that not everyone knows how to do this, supply companies are speculating. They have big spreads, big commissions.

“In my opinion, the real cost of spare parts, taking into account the current exchange rate, should be much lower. She’s kind of overpriced.» concluded the auto expert.

With locksmith spare parts, things are a little simpler — there are non-original analogues, many of which are produced in Russia, Korea, and neighboring countries that are not under sanctions, and with which, in principle, logistics was not interrupted.


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