The natal chart is the main tool of natal astrology, the data of which is based on the time and place of birth of a person. It shows the qualities inherent in it and the ways, the knowledge of which can help you become better and deal with your shortcomings.


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Surely you turn to horoscopes to find out more about your character, about what awaits you today, tomorrow, during the week, month. But an experienced astrologer will say that this is not enough to know exactly what events fate has in store for you. The horoscope gives a general idea of ​​the events and characters of people, but there are many aspects inherent in each person individually. This is explained by the fact that the location of the planets relative to each other changes every minute, and their influence both on each other and on people depends on this.

Natal chart: what is it?

The uniqueness of each person is undeniable, including from an astrological point of view. It is violated only under the condition that the astrological picture at the time of a person’s birth is repeated, and this happens no more than once in several tens of thousands of years.

The natal chart (from Latin — “connection with the moment of birth”) is a unique combination of the location of celestial bodies at the moment when a person is born. It is unchanging and is a kind of astrological passport of a person, which tells about his abilities, character traits, inclinations, virtues, shortcomings, and even about his state of health. Thanks to this knowledge, you can learn about your abilities and set yourself life goals that will help in personal and life development.

The main elements of compiling a natal chart

The natal chart is depicted as a circle with 12 segments, called Houses in astrology. Each of the segments corresponds to a certain area of ​​human life — natal.

To make a natal chart, you will need the following data:

  • Your date of birth;
  • Place of birth (locality);
  • Time of birth in Greenwich Mean Time (you can specify it with an error of + — half an hour).
  • For ease of understanding the decoding of the natal chart, astrologers compare it with a theater, where:
  • The planets act as actors;
  • Signs of the Zodiac — costumes in which the actors (planets) are dressed;
  • Aspects — speech and relationships of actors (features of the influence of the planets on each other);
  • The house is a theatrical stage on which the action takes place.

Making a natal chart

Follow this algorithm:

  1. Mark the time and date of your birth;
  2. Calculate the position of the planets at the time of birth;
  3. Determine the aspects between the heavenly bodies;
  4. Define Home.

To complete the picture, you can put on the map important, in your opinion, elements of the horoscope.

What do Houses mean in astrology and the natal chart?

Each of them corresponds to a certain area of ​​your life:

  1. Personal characteristics of a person;
  2. Abilities and achievements in the material sphere;
  3. Interaction with close, surrounding people;
  4. Home, family;
  5. Creation;
  6. Events of the present time;
  7. Union — business partnership, marriage, birth of children;
  8. Alienation — diseases, troubles, litigation related to inheritance;
  9. Spiritual development, gaining new knowledge and skills, long trips;
  10. Social status, career building, interaction with work colleagues;
  11. Ambitions, aspirations, achievement of goals;
  12. Immigration, diseases, intimacy, financial costs, secrecy.

Influence of planets

The decoding of the natal chart must necessarily take into account the influence of the heavenly bodies and their role:

  • Moon — subconscious;
  • The sun is the personality of a person, his advantages and disadvantages;
  • Mercury — sociability, features of interaction with other people;
  • Jupiter — professional growth;
  • Mars — the level of activity that you show, overcoming difficulties;
  • Venus — love, sexual relations;
  • Saturn — ambitions, aspirations;
  • Uranus — a tendency to commit rash acts;
  • Pluto — changes occurring at the personal level.
The influence of planets on the natal chart

The role of the signs of the zodiac in deciphering the natal chart

If according to the horoscope you are Cancer, this does not mean that all your life you will only do what to back away, and do not have the ability to make quick and correct decisions. Most likely, you have a propensity for this, but keep in mind that there are a lot of circumstances and traits of your character that make you decisive, purposeful and optimistic. And all because there are no pure signs of the Zodiac. It is possible that you have the solidity of Capricorn, the ambitions of Aries and the steadfastness of Leo.

And yet, all the signs of the Zodiac have common characteristics, and they form the basis of the personality of the representatives of each of them. These indicators must be taken into account when compiling and deciphering a natal chart, since they can have a huge impact on fate.

Aries in the natal chart

Aries symbolizes the beginning in any of its manifestations. Those born under this sign of the zodiac carry a charge of active, constantly arriving creative energy. Aries are always on the move, bold, active and impulsive extroverts. They are leaders, but can also be very aggressive and despotic. Individualists, warriors and pioneers of the Zodiac. They like to start new projects, movements or campaigns. Favorite pastime is to create something new.

Zodiac sign Leo in the natal chart

The lion has great vitality. Often people of this zodiac sign are expressive, emotional, tend to increase their energy level. Leos are very risky and lucky. They love to be bossy, take responsibility and lead the masses, and they also love attention and adoration in their address. At the same time, they are generous, open and reliable, they will never leave the weak in trouble.

Often it is lions who occupy leadership positions or open their own business. However, in order to achieve their desired goals and personal happiness, they need independence.

Natal chart


Sagittarius in the natal chart

These are generous, open, independent, emotional and friendly people who love animals, travel, nature. They can philosophize, talk about politics and even religion. Sagittarians are very ideological individuals who work out their plans in detail and put a deep meaning into it. They make good politicians, diplomats, teachers and doctors. At the same time, they also need freedom of action in their work.

Virgo in the natal chart

Such a person can be described in a few words: scrupulous, down to earth, inquisitive, ready to help and support. Virgos love to analyze and think through everything to the smallest detail, which makes them excellent doctors, scientists, jewelers, lawyers, etc. At the same time, they are prone to collecting, and not only things, but also thoughts.

Capricorn in the natal chart

It speaks of the desire to be in sight, to succeed, to gain power and prestige. Capricorns are very traditional, follow rules and regulations. At the same time, they worry about what others say about them. They have their own ideas of good and evil, which they can strongly cling to. The best qualities of this zodiac sign are organization, intelligence, patience and ambition. Such people stubbornly go to their own goal and achieve success without any problems. Others, like themselves, are judged by their work. They make good managers, officials and officers.

Aquarius in the natal chart

Aquarians are the most inventive individuals. They know how to improve this world and are always looking for like-minded people in this matter. Such people are constantly looking for novelty and no obstacles can interfere with them. Thanks to their ingenuity and love of freedom, they become one of the best in science, technical and artistic professions.

Libra in the natal chart

First of all, this speaks of the need to value relationships, harmony, love, art and beauty. At the same time, Libras tend to act to please others and to the detriment of themselves. Libras are empaths, so they make great psychologists and partners. In life, they strive for harmony and balance. But there are downsides to this, because such people often have difficulty making decisions — they are too diligent in considering the problem from different angles. Libras are charming and funny.

Secrets of the natal chart


Scorpio in body chart

These are people who are seen all in black or white light. By nature, Scorpios are deep and strong. They often get into trouble, but thanks to their strength they get out of the water dry. They are tough and uncompromising, which is why it is often difficult to build relationships with them. At the same time, these qualities help Scorpios achieve their goals. They cannot be led astray.

The owners of this zodiac sign are remembered for a long time and often become successful. They have leadership abilities, although Scorpions use them covertly. The characteristic qualities of this sign are charisma, perfectionism, sacrifice, firmness and determination.

Gemini in the natal chart

They love everything new and easily maintain a conversation. Due to the sharp mind, they easily find a common language with other people. They have an analytical mindset, although sometimes they get lost in the details. Such people are active, do not tolerate routine and always try to learn new things. Suitable industries for Gemini are writing, teaching, journalism, or business.

Pisces in the natal chart

These are the most compassionate and highly spiritual people of all signs. They keenly feel the connection with the Universe, therefore they strive more for spirituality than materiality. However, the desire to know their consciousness often leads Pisces to problems with alcohol or drugs. By themselves, Pisces are dreamers and romantics. They can become good healers, doctors or helpers.

Cancer in the natal chart

These are people who need support and emotional nourishment, so marriage and family play the most important value for them. By themselves, Cancers are caring, generous, but emotional in action. Often become actors, musicians or artists.

Will the stars lie?

For them to tell you the truth, make sure that you use reliable data to create your natal chart.

Perhaps, at first, it will be difficult for you to make a correct natal chart with decoding on your own, and in this case, special astrological programs that give accurate results will help you out.

Have you tried to make your personal horoscope? Tell us about your experience in the comments to the article.

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