What holiday is November 28 — Christmas post 2019, signs and angel’s day


It’s day 332 (333 in a leap year) of the Gregorian calendar. There are 33 days left until the end of the year. On this day, the people honor the memory of the martyrs Samoni, Guria and Aviv, and the Nativity fast also begins. Read everything about November 28, signs and angel’s day in our article.

What holiday is November 28


Holiday November 28

The Orthodox Church celebrates the day of the martyrs Samoni, Guria and Aviv. The saints lived in the III-IV century and were known as healers. Men became victims of persecution for their faith. Over time, they were captured and subjected to numerous tortures.

Samonia, Guria and Aviv were forced to abandon Christianity, but the healers did not succumb, for which they were executed. It is believed that on November 28 it is worth praying to the saints to get rid of a toothache.

Signs for November 28

Christmas post

Orthodox believers begin the Advent fast, which will last until January 6. According to tradition, the people are limited in food and entertainment.

During this period, it is important to observe the accepted menu, not to quarrel, to pray more often and work more. So, for example, it is forbidden to eat meat, dairy products and eggs, as well as drink alcohol (while drinking wine is possible on some days).

What is celebrated in the world

  • Mauritania Independence Day.
  • Independence Day of the Republic of East Timor.
  • Flag and Independence Day of the Republic of Albania.
  • Thanksgiving Day in the USA.
  • Red Planet Day.

Signs and customs for November 28

With the advent of the Nativity fast, many signs appeared among the people. It is important not to judge others and not to make empty talk. People focus on spiritual enrichment.

  • If snow falls on November 28, it will lie until spring.
  • A strong wind portends turbulent weather until Nicholas (December 19).
  • If the horses neigh loudly — a good sign.
  • Gloomy but warm weather portends a rainy May.
  • Frost November 28 — evil spirits will disappear.
  • If you go and swim in the bath on this day, you will be healthy all year.

Who celebrates the day of the angel

The owners of the following names honor their patrons: Samson, Barbara, Grigory, Dmitry, Nikita, Nikolai and Peter.

Angel Day November 28

Who was born on November 28

  • 1757 – William Blake, English poet, engraver and painter (b.
  • 1820 – Friedrich Engels, German philosopher and founder of communist ideology.
  • 1844 – Angelo Masini, Italian opera singer (d.
  • 1880 — Alexander Blok, Russian poet of the Silver Age.
  • 1881 – Stefan Zweig, Austrian writer and critic (b.
  • 1890 — Zinaida Tulub, Ukrainian writer, known for the novel «Ludolovy».
  • 1949 — Mikhail Poplavsky, People’s Artist of Ukraine, politician, rector of the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts.
  • 1960 — John Galliano, English fashion designer, former art director of the Christian Dior fashion house.

November 28 — interesting events

  • 1520 — Ferdinand Magellan was the first to sail from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
  • 1654 — in Podolia, the defense of the Cossack fortress Bush from the troops of the Commonwealth began.
  • 1921 — Soviet Ukraine joined the international convention of the Red Cross.
  • 1964 — the American automatic station «Mariner-4» was launched to Mars.
  • 2006 — The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine recognized the Holodomor as an act of genocide against the Ukrainian people.
November 28

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