TOP 8 questions for self-knowledge


April 30, 2021, 14:00

Knowing yourself is one of the main ways of personal growth and improving the comfort of your own life. Ask yourself these 8 questions to know yourself and grow.

Questions to yourself


How to ask the right questions that will help you grow? First of all, it is recommended to have a notepad. The best time for self-discovery is in the evening, a couple of hours after finishing work, when you start to relax.

Brew yourself a mug of aromatic tea with lemon or ginger, light an aromatic candle, take a comfortable position and dare to know yourself. And simple, but at the same time important questions will help in this matter.

1. How do I feel about myself?

We often underestimate ourselves, look for flaws in ourselves and downplay our achievements. Think about how you feel about yourself. Have you been taking care of yourself enough lately?

2. What personal qualities do I have and what do I lack?

The routine of life is so addictive that sometimes we do not notice our own Self. Therefore, when asked to tell about ourselves, we fall into a stupor and do not even know what to answer. Sometimes it pays to reflect on your personality. Try to describe your qualities, and then highlight those that you lack for a comfortable life. Over time, you can develop the missing character traits in yourself and thereby make life more comfortable.

How to know yourself


3. What can I do well?

Write down your skills to accurately understand your skills. This will help you take a full look at your abilities and make sure that you are good enough at your job.

4. What am I doing wrong?

Try to analyze what skills you lack in work or everyday life. This will serve as an occasion to learn something new and become more unique.

5. What do I dislike about people?

Think about what you don’t like in people and what you can’t put up with. If there are those in your life who violate your integrity and harmony, try to talk to them about it or limit toxic contacts.

Personal qualities


6. What qualities should a suitable partner for me have?

Feelings and butterflies in the stomach are, of course, good, but have you ever tried to build a relationship with an emotionally mature man? A man who does not pour out his complexes on you, does not behave selfishly and consumerist? Not? Then it’s time to remember your fuckups in a relationship and make a list of qualities that you definitely don’t want to put up with. Think about what kind of partner you want to see next. We are sure that the universe will hear you and send the right person. However, do not forget that before that, you should also work on your shortcomings.

7. What makes me nervous?

We often dwell on negative moments, thereby destroying our nervous system from the inside. If lately you have been suffering from anxiety, fear, thinking too much about moments from the past, you should think about the reasons for this behavior.

Ask yourself what exactly makes you nervous. Is it really worth your worries, or is it in this way that you seem to interfere with your own peace and happiness? Perhaps your subconscious wants to tell you something. If you can’t figure it out on your own, apathy, a decrease in appetite appear, or vice versa, you should seek help from a specialist.

8. What do I want to do?

Work, study, relationships, family affairs — all this is so addictive that we completely forget about our own desires and goals. Sometimes it pays to remind yourself of your dreams or find new ones. Think about what you want or would like in life. Maybe you haven’t gone anywhere to rest for a long time, and you haven’t signed up for dances or massage courses. Make a list of your simple wishes and turn them into goals. By completing each item, you can acquire new skills and feel the taste of life.

What questions would you add to this list? Tell me in the comments!

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