Top 5 things to get rid of as you get older


Many women continue to waste their energy on unnecessary things even into adulthood. The reason for this is fear. To overcome it, you need to start small. For example, getting rid of things from our list.

5 things you're too old for


It doesn’t matter if you’re in your 20s or 40s. We get older because of life’s circumstances. The experience gained and the conclusions drawn from it make us wiser and more emotionally mature. At this moment, it is very important to prioritize in order to make life more comfortable and as harmonious as possible.

Many things and behavioral patterns in society are distracting and energy-consuming, thereby spoiling our mood and productivity. So that you stop falling into these networks, we have compiled a list of things for which you are too old especially for you. And it’s old — because this manner is followed by children and people with low self-esteem / emotional immaturity. Read and try not to be sprayed on such things in life.

1. Keep your opinion to yourself

In our youth, we were afraid to defend our opinion or come to someone’s defense, because it was so customary in society that when someone older “in rank” says things that are unpleasant for you, seasoning them with the rules of subordination, you need to listen and keep silent. He is “older” and “knows better”. And the worst thing is that many people continue to follow this rule even in adulthood.

Enough! Whoever it is — a teacher, a man, a boss, a mother, an older brother or sister — and no matter how badly he treats you, he has no right to insult or be rude to you. If, however, he has made up his mind, let him not be surprised at the answer. You’re a grown woman and don’t have to listen or tolerate what hurts you. Especially when there is an obvious injustice. Stop being silent and start defending yourself, even if you are afraid of seeming ridiculous. Otherwise, you will constantly suffer from an unclosed gestalt and, years later, remember: “It was then that you had to answer differently.”

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2. Wasting time with unpleasant people

There is nothing worse than hanging out with people you don’t like. Why spray it? If you’re not interested, if you feel in your gut that you don’t want to be around these people, stop! Better find yourself friends with common interests. Such communication will bring more benefits both mentally and emotionally.

The same goes for work. If you wake up with a great reluctance to go to the office because of your colleagues, because there is a “snake kublo”, “usurper leader”, everyone will get on your nerves. So maybe it’s time to look for something else? There is nothing worse than hating the job and the people you have to interact with…

Our work takes up most of our lives, so it must satisfy us at least on one of three points: wages, team, working conditions. Moreover, relationships in the team play a more important role. We have already written why it is worth starting a work-wife and how it affects our productivity and endurance in general.

3. Collect unnecessary things

Something broke at home and you, of course, hid it somewhere in order to fix it. Or maybe she went through the closet and did not dare to throw away the old vest, dress, bag, etc. I left boxes from under shoes, beautiful ones, it’s a pity to throw them away, because you can store something there …

Yes, yes, but as a result, a bunch of unnecessary rubbish has accumulated. Down with old things! It is the destiny of past generations to store everything on the mezzanine, on a closet or on a balcony with thoughts: “What if it still comes in handy?” or «I’ll fix it someday.» It’s time to put an end to such thoughts. Minimalism and conscious consumption — that’s what’s hot. Do not use? Don’t you do it? So, send it to the trash or recycling!

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4. Look for the good in bad men

We women have this way of trying to find something good in a person and justifying his bad deeds with childhood trauma, a broken heart, low self-esteem, a self-defense mechanism — the list goes on forever. We include such psychologists. Like, behind this rude, boorish or irresponsible behavior is a kind soul. You just need to dig. And in the end, we only bury ourselves in a hole of unjustified expectations.

Falling in love with badboys is for teenagers. As an adult, the last thing worth wasting time on is the archaeological search for a “good person” in the body of an obvious bad one. Don’t you have other things to do? A person wants to appear like this, because it is his decision, he is like that. There is no need to build illusions that your great attitude towards him or great love will change everything. By the way, we have already written what excessive daydreaming leads to.



5. Wear uncomfortable clothes

As a teenager, you could safely go out in winter in sneakers, without a hat and with a jacket open, put on the most tight skirt or dress and walk like that at least every day, despite the cold weather. Yes, then the priority was — «But it’s beautiful.» Over the years, we began to understand that it is not beautiful to compare with the huge bill that will have to be paid for examination and treatment.

Health has become paramount. As soon as the breeze blows, we run for the warmest scarf in our closet. Now more often we prefer comfortable shoes, rather than high heels. And this is great, because there is nothing better than comfort and warmth. If you have not had time to switch to this «adult mode», it’s time. You will like it 🙂

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