02 April 2015, 14:30

Not by bread alone… All people are spiritual beings. We all (ideally) strive for higher goals. How to know your spiritual essence, where to get a little wisdom? Read these books, and in them you will find answers to the most important questions of life, the universe and all that.


  1. «Reality Transurfing» Vadim Zeland teaches you how to model your own life. In a seemingly easy (but in fact — thought provoking) form, the author writes about the variability of our fate — and how to maneuver between those event branches that can occur.
  2. «Don Juan’s Teachings Carlos Castenda. The books of this writer open the doors to the world of the unknown, mystical, magical. Nothing is known for certain about the author himself — except that he himself agrees to tell. The wisdom of the Yaqui Indians, which was passed on to Carlos by Juan Matus, his spiritual mentor, is worth getting acquainted with.
  3. «The Story of the Fool, or the Key to Enlightenment» written by Mirzakarim Norbekov, a master of the Sufis — an ancient oriental school. Insolent humor, constant nit-picking of the reader and the deep truth dissolved in the lines paradoxically riveted to the book, arouse sympathy for the boorish author. In fact, this work contains amazing techniques developed by the oldest and most enlightened teachers. They will lead to health; applying them in other areas of life, in the same way, you can achieve amazing success.
  4. «Rich dad, poor dad» Robert Kiyosaki makes you take a different look at your whole life. Warning: Do not let teenagers read it. Explosive youthful maximalism, combined with the ideas of Kiyosaki, will lead to the fact that the child will leave the institute and go to build his own business, simultaneously blaming his parents for a gray and useless life.
  5. «Men are from Mars, women are from Venus» John Gray is an amazing book on intergender psychology. Banal and obvious things that we do not want to notice in our partners, it becomes impossible not to see. Do you want to understand your man? Do you dream that he understands you too? Then read this book together.
  6. Liz Bourbeau. «Five traumas that prevent you from being yourself». In this work, the author describes in detail what childhood grievances led to problems in adulthood. Reading it, tears well up in your eyes, because in almost every line you recognize yourself. One problem: unfortunately, Liz did not bother to give good advice on what to do when you identify «your» injuries.
  7. Lule Wilma. «Everything starts with love.» This book itself is permeated with endless love for readers. It tells about the power of acceptance and forgiveness — something that we most often do not know how to do. But it’s so important!
  8. «The Art of Love» Erich Fromm highlights the problems of the main axis around which our world revolves. “Love is an art,” the philosopher and psychoanalyst is convinced, “Who said that he does not need to learn, as one learns any craft?”
  9. John Kehoe «The subconscious can do anything». This book is far from new; but its multimillion-dollar circulation speaks for itself. It reveals to the reader the main secret of our Universe, gives him the strength to change his life in any direction he wants.
  10. «Book of Secrets» Osho rightly bears its name. She talks about tantra, about the deepest mystery hidden in man, about a centered and conscious life. Osho, while interpreting the texts of the Vigyan Bhairava Tantra, casually answers thousands of vital questions. “These one hundred and twelve methods of meditation represent the whole science of transforming the mind,” the epigraph says. And indeed it is!

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