or how to stop dropping things halfway through


In the world every day there is at least one idea in 100% of the population. About 50% are trying to implement something, but only a fourth part does not quit their job and brings it to the end. For everyone else, our article will be very useful, so read carefully and remember.



Checklist: how not to quit your business halfway

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1. Right priorities

Give up emotions and consider how long you will last in the business you have begun. It shouldn’t be a fleeting impulse. Therefore, it is worth considering whether you really need it, or tomorrow you will wake up and realize that the work you have started no longer makes any sense. Before you do anything that lasts more than one day, you need to understand what it means to you: an experiment or a commitment. If this is still an experiment, then throwing it halfway is normal. Well, if this is already an obligation, then it’s impossible to quit such a thing.

Here is a small example for you, if you have a desire to find a sponsor for your copyright courses, first tell your friends about it. After you start looking, you will understand that you want to take on something more. If the case is interesting enough, you will definitely bring the work you have started to the end. Properly prioritized will teach you to take responsibility for your projects. Yes, there will be fewer of them, but each of them will be made perfectly.

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2. Prepare for the worst

Most people at the first difficulty lose the enthusiasm with which they started their business and eventually leave it. If you want to see things through to the end, get ready for the obstacles that will be in your way and the fact that they need to be overcome. Before starting new projects, try to predict the difficulties that will prevent you from achieving your desired goal. After that, you will be invincible, because this is what you have been preparing for.

But there are times when difficulties can hit harder than you expected, but still it will be easier than if they came unexpectedly.

3. Additional motivation

It is important to rely not only on willpower. After all, remember that it is not infinite. To make willpower stronger, you just need to add external pressure, that is, add some kind of condition.

For example, this could be a promise to cut long hair bald if you do not complete the site for the customer. This way you increase your chances of success.

4. Not all the time for planning

Your goal is to start the project as soon as possible. But instead of implementing it, you spend all your time planning. And this is disastrously wrong. After all, this is what, with a high probability, will cause the collapse, because you will simply become uninteresting. Think strategically while taking small steps towards your dream.

5. «Garbage» happens too

Where is it seen that everything worked out the first time. When everything is perfect on the first try, it’s just not interesting. When a person is heading towards the ideal, he paralyzes his actions, opportunities and wastes time. Whatever it is, just remember that if you did well at some point in your business, then for now you can leave it. After all, you can return to it at any time convenient for you, if you wish.

6. Fuck inspiration

This quote is from the famous book The War for Creative by Stephen Pressfield. Many say that without inspiration, nothing will work. On the one hand, this is true, but on the other hand, if you sit all the time waiting for inspiration, then you will quickly abandon everything that is possible. You just need to create your own environment for inspiration. Sometimes you will succeed, and sometimes not, but this does not mean that you need to give up everything on the pretext that there is no energy coming from the Cosmos. The usual and rather logical pattern just works here: if you devote more time to work, finish it faster.

7. Wise choice of «pain»

Many people believe that action hurts more than inaction. But this is a false thought. When you understand this all the same, you will not be able to leave the matter halfway and complete everything that was previously started.
You just have to make a choice between short-term discomfort, but eventually long-term pleasure or easy work, but later regret.


8. A Different View of Success

Expecting a certain result from a project or a business started, you are already initially programming yourself for disappointment in the future. In this case, it is important to realize that there are millions of little things and nuances that you will not affect in any way. It, like me, for example, has no influence on people’s reaction to my articles, on how much readers like or dislike them. But nevertheless, I influence whether this article will be completed or not. The constant thought of possible failure drains your desire to do something.

Think of your business as a game of chess in which you are trying to find weaknesses in yourself in order to make them stronger later.

9. Ability to quickly adapt

Get the ultimate goal in mind, and then try as hard as you can to make it real. But sometimes the result is not the same as its presentation. And all because in the process you had new ideas, thinking changed, external factors influenced. This is normal, and in most cases, such moments only make the result better. And you did not even imagine that it could be so.

Try to pause occasionally in order to analyze what you want, what concessions and changes you are ready to make in order to get a bomb result in the end.

10. Don’t trust yourself

There is a «Rule of 40%», which is confirmed by science. It lies in the fact that the brain sends you a signal that you are near your limit, then this is not so. After all, in essence, you have used only 40% of your resources. In other words, when it seems to you that you have reached the limit and can no longer work, do not believe yourself. You are truly stronger than you can imagine.

Everyone has their own formula for success, their own motivation, so as not to quit what they started, but I tried to collect as many different points as possible so that you have a common picture. Enjoy and be inspired. You will succeed, just don’t give up!

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