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Nick Vuychich is a man who was able to overcome all obstacles and become happy. Nick was born without arms and without legs, but managed to live a full life. His biography inspires, motivates and lifts patients to their feet. What is the strength of this person, and how to find the lightness of being from Nick Vuychich? Read our article today.

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Nick Vujicic is a great speaker and inspiration. Over the years of his life, he managed to earn his first million, get married and become the father of four children. This person enjoys life like no other, who has everything. He travels and gives large-scale seminars, making people smile, cry and change their lives for the better.

Nick Vuychich: the childhood of an unusual child

He was born into a family of Serbian immigrants in Australia. He was born with a rare diagnosis — tetraamelia, which means the complete absence of limbs. Nick’s mother did not approach the child for several months, and the despair of healthy parents knew no bounds.

But one fine day, having called the only process that Nick had instead of a leg — «ham», the parents accepted the child, and never let him go again.

Nick Vujicic as a child

It was so difficult for Nick to study in a regular school that one day at the age of 10 he was visited by the thought of drowning himself in his own bath. And imagining his funeral, crying parents, he realized that this was not an option. He couldn’t do that to his parents.

«I tried to turn my face into the water, but it was very difficult to stay in that position. Nothing worked for me. But in this short time, I very clearly imagined the picture of my funeral — here are my dad and mom … And then I realized that I could not hurt them, I could not kill myself. After all, what I saw from my parents is a huge love for me,» Nick recalls.

And since then, the boy began to prove to himself, his parents and the whole world that he is a full part of it, and that he was created for something great.

Nick Vuychich: charitable work

After graduating at the age of 21 with a bachelor’s degree in finance and later in accounting, Nick Vujicic became a successful businessman. However, Nick really enjoyed lecturing in prisons, hospitals, kindergartens with the main idea: “Laugh more, be grateful for life that has no boundaries!”

Nick Vujicic Biography

Having embarked on the path of charity back in 1999, the guy realized that this is exactly what will give him a real purpose in life. Nick Vujicic began writing books and helping people gain confidence in their abilities.

Nick Vujicic: book and film

Nick boasts four best-selling books in which he shares his thoughts, talks about willpower, the need to believe in yourself and the secrets of a happy life.

  • The first work of Vuychich in 2010 was the publication “Life without borders. The path to an amazingly happy life. The book revealed to the world the phenomenon of a preacher who overcame great limitations.
  • Three years later, another work came out — “Unstoppable. The incredible power of faith in action.» In it, the author told how he learned to turn faith into action. He talked about the difficulties that everyone has to overcome in order to succeed.
  • Other books soon followed: Be strong. You can overcome violence (and everything that prevents you from living)” and “Love without limits. The path to amazingly strong love ”, which were marked by no less success.

Nick also starred in the film Butterfly Circus (2009), which reveals the difficult story of a man who was born without arms and legs. Despite this, the hero managed to live a full life. The picture caused positive reviews from the audience and the jury of film festivals, and was also recognized as the best motivational film.

Nick Vujicic: power of love

This unusual, but on the other hand, a simple and charming guy, fell in love with his future wife Kanae Miyahara at first sight. Seeing the girl for the first time, Nick felt himself gaining legs and arms. The couple got married in 2012, and a year later they had a son, Kieshi James Vuychich. The boy was born absolutely healthy, without inheriting his father’s pathology. Two years later, the beloved got another son, who was named Dejan Levi.

Nick Vujicic family

Average Burda

And already in June 2017, on Father’s Day, Nick announced through social networks that his wife was pregnant with twins! The couple had two beautiful girls — Olivia and Ellie.

Nick Vujicic today

Today, Nick still continues to write books, travel, swim, play tennis, give seminars and endow people with his humor, warmth and an unprecedented thirst for life.

The life story of this man is unusual, but it is always filled with happiness, joy, fearlessness, willpower and the desire to live as fully as possible. After all, as Nick Vuychich says, all fears and restrictions are just the fruit of our fantasies. One fine day, he stopped limiting himself, and simply began to live.

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