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You can’t change your life in one day. But in one day you can change the thoughts that will change your life forever!


On the nose — spring, the renewal of nature, but nothing pleases you and there is a «seasonal depression»? The therapist will prescribe you vitamins and jogging in the morning, the psychologist will advise you to change the situation or do physical labor, your friend will invite you to unwind with her at a party, and we offer you an interesting, effective miracle way to “piggy bank of joy”.

What to do?

You don’t need to do anything at all, except for one thing: every evening, diligently write down all the good things that happened to you during the day in a notebook specially created for this — your “Joy Diary”. Psychologists advise looking for at least 5 such joys per day, even the most insignificant ones at first glance. You will be surprised, but in a couple of weeks you will find that there are much more joyful events in your life! (in fact, the psyche is simply reoriented to the perception of positive).

Where to look for joy?

The daily routine leaves no chance for «amazing», you say. Let’s figure it out. For example, a regular morning cup of coffee… What’s good about it? But if you consciously take this cup, enjoy the invigorating fresh excellent aroma, consciously savor every sip — is it a pleasure? Of course! So let’s write it down in the diary of joy at number 1. Did your beloved man or a random passer-by make a complement? Excellent! Number 2 in the piggy bank of positive. The first step of your baby, an unexpected pleasant thought, a little personal luck, a pleasant gift, a funny incident — everything, big and small joys — we find and write down! And in the sad moments of life we ​​take out this diary, read it and smile!

From records of one day

… “Today I have a very successful hairstyle. Husband noticed this and made a compliment.”

… “I decided to start planning my vacation today. I enjoy the anticipation!”

… «After dinner they made dumplings — like in the good old days.»

…“I decided to wash my laundry with the new Silan Soft & Oils freshly scented conditioner, and the results exceeded all expectations: clothes, bed linen and towels — everything is fragrant and has become so soft and pleasant to the touch, my mood has already risen! I read that this product contains moisturizing aroma oils, which do such miracles, and also protect fabric fibers during washing. Super! This is what I have been looking for for a long time.»

… “I prepared a wonderful dinner for the whole family — it was fun and sincere at the table. It’s so cool!»

«Suddenly! In the process of ironing clothes, I suddenly noticed how, coming out from under the iron, a clean, ironed fabric with a pleasant aroma is transforming, as if some kind of magic is happening.


Be happy not because everything is good, but because you can find the good in everything. Learn to smile at life, and it will certainly smile back at you!

P/S. By the way, not only “records of joy”, but also “sunny photos”, “happy music”, “smell of charm”, etc. can replenish your positive piggy bank. Show your imagination.

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