You can diversify the traditional celebration of Valentine’s Day by watching a movie about love in English! So you will create a romantic atmosphere, and practice various ways of declaring love.


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We offer you with your favorite list of 10 movies worth watching in English!

La La Land

The sensational musical tells about the search for happiness and love. A jazz pianist and aspiring actress meet in a traffic jam in Los Angeles. Each of them seeks to support the dream of the other. However, their feelings are tested during the first serious quarrel.

Movie quote:

Sebastian: Alright, I remember you. And yes, I’ll admit that when we met, I was a little curt.
Mia: You were «curt?»
Sebastian: Alright, I was an asshole. I can admit that! But requesting «I Ran» from a serious musician? Too far!
Mia: Did you just say «a serious musician?»
Sebastian: That’s not what I said.
Mia: That’s a really cool outfit. Do you mind if I borrow it next week?
Sebastian: Why?
Mia: Because I have an audition coming up where I have to play a «serious» firefighter.

Only girls in jazz (Some Like It Hot)

A long-time favorite painting needs no introduction. One of the best comedies in the history of American cinema starring Marilyn Monroe.

Only girls in jazz

The phrases of the heroes have become famous quotes:

Jerry: Oh no you don’t! Osgood, I’m gonna level with you. We can’t get married at all.
Osgood: Why not?
Jerry: Well, in the first place, I’m not a natural blonde.
Osgood: Doesn’t matter.
Jerry: I smoke! I smoke all the time!
Osgood: I don’t care.
Jerry: Well, I have a terrible past. For three years now, I’ve been living with a saxophone player.
Osgood: I forgive you.
Jerry: I can never have children!
Osgood: We can adopt some.
Jerry: But you don’t understand, Osgood! Ohh…
Jerry: I’m a man!
Osgood: Well, nobody’s perfect!

Sex and the City

Six seasons of the series and then two full-length films about the lives of four friends have millions of fans around the world. Kerry, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda freely discuss issues of sex, love and relationships. Their speech is quite simple in structure, devoid of complex terms and rich in phrasal verbs.

Movie quote:

Mr. Big: Would you want to get married?
Carrie Bradshaw: Well, I didn’t, didn’t think that was an option.
Mr. Big: What if it was an option?
Carrie Bradshaw: Why? What? Do you want to get married?
Mr. Big: I wouldn’t mind being married to you. Would you mind being married to me?
Carrie Bradshaw: No, no, not, not if that’s what you wanted. I mean, is, is that what you want?
Mr. Big: I want you. So, ok.
Carrie Bradshaw: So really, we’re, we’re getting married?
Mr. Big: We’re getting married. Should we get you a diamond?
Carrie Bradshaw: No. No. Just get me a really big closet.

The Sound of Music

This is a classic story that will take us back to the Second World War and plunge into the romantic history of Mary. In addition to being a great musical, you will hear exemplary American pronunciation.

Movie quote:

Captain von Trapp: Maria, there isn’t going to be any Baroness anymore.
Maria: I don’t understand.
Captain von Trapp: Well, we called off our engagement, you see, and…
Maria: Oh, I’m sorry.
Captain von Trapp: Yes. You are?
Maria: Mm-hmm. You did?
Captain von Trapp: Yes. Well, you can’t marry someone when you’re in love with someone else… can you?

My Fair Lady (My Fair Lady)

My fair lady

Adaptation of the play «Pygmalion» by Bernard Shaw. The arrogant gentleman Henry Higgins, a professor of linguistics, is sure that pronunciation determines a person’s place on the social ladder. To prove his point, he teaches flower girl Eliza Doolittle how to speak correctly. And this is exactly what we need, the British pronunciation in the film is perfect.

Movie quote:

Professor Henry Higgins: I’ve grown accustomed to her face! She almost makes the day begin! I’ve grown accustomed to the tune that she whistles night and noon. Her smiles, her frowns, her ups, her downs, are second nature to me now, like breathing out and breathing in… I was serenely independent and content before we met! Surely I could always be that way again… And yet… I’ve grown accustomed to her looks, accustomed to her voice, accustomed… to her… face.

The Lake House

Sensual drama about love with fantasy elements. A really useful movie for improving written English. The heroes of Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves live at different times, they are separated by two years. The plot is tied to their correspondence, which will help you learn how to write informal letters correctly.

Movie quote:

Alex: What’s it like in the year 2006?
Kate: Well, I’m afraid the world’s pretty much the same. Of course, we all dress in shiny metal jumpsuits and drive flying cars and no one talks anymore because we can read each other’s minds… but, the truth is, from the past, not much has really changed in 2006.

Bridget Jones’s Diary

32-year-old Bridget Jones decided to finally lose weight, quit smoking and start dating the right person. She writes about her successes and failures in her diary. Actress Renée Zellweger, who played the title role, spoke with an English pronunciation during filming and off set. The dialogues in the film are quite simple and deal with everyday topics.

Movie quote:

Mark Darcy: I like you, very much.
Bridget: Ah, apart from the smoking and the drinking, the vulgar mother and… ah, the verbal diarrhea.
Mark Darcy: No, I like you very much. Just as you are.

Gregory’s Girl

The story of a teenager who is trying to win the heart of a girl from the school football team. The difficulties of first love are the same for everyone, which is why the picture is so catchy. You will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of small town life and learn to understand the Scottish accent.

Movie quote:

Gregory: Have you ever been in love? I’m in love.
Steve: Since when?
Gregory: This morning. I feel restless and dizzy. I bet I won’t get any sleep tonight.
Steve: Sounds like indigestion.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Classic melodrama starring Audrey Hepburn. Her frivolous heroine dreams of marrying a rich man. But her plans are not destined to come true, as friendship with a writer neighbor develops into strong romantic feelings.

Movie quote:

Paul Varjak: I love you.
Holly Golightly: So what.
Paul Varjak: So what? So plenty! I love you, you belong to me!
Holly Golightly: No. People don’t belong to people.
Paul Varjak: Of course they do!
Holly Golightly: I’ll never let anybody put me in a cage.
Paul Varjak: I don’t want to put you in a cage, I want to love you!

Beauty and the Beast

Disney’s adaptation of the famous and beloved fairy tale about how the beautiful Belle fell in love with the monster for his kind heart. The cartoon cheers up and creates a magical atmosphere. Viewing is available even to those whose level of English is low.

Movie quote:

Beast: You… you came back.
Belle: Of course I came back. I couldn’t let them… oh, this is all my fault!
Belle: If only I had gotten here sooner.
Beast: Maybe… maybe… it’s better… it’s better this way.
Belle: Don’t talk like that! You’ll be alright. We’re together now; everything’s going to be fine, you’ll see…
Beast: And at least… at least I got to see you… one last time.
[the Beast dies]
Belle: No, NO! Please. Please… Please don’t leave me.
Belle: I love you!

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