All tired and nerves at the limit? No problem! Each of us is faced with anxieties and worries. It is important to be able to deal with them. Especially for you, the magazine «Lisa» has collected the best tips for stress relief!

tips for stress


Perhaps there is no person who has never suffered from stress. We all face problems at work and personal life, get into conflicts and are responsible for a huge number of cases. Despite the fatigue, we continue to live at a frantic pace.

However, constant problems and attempts to hold on sooner or later lead to moral exhaustion. The nervous system under the pressure of life’s vicissitudes literally fails. This is how stress occurs. Let’s get rid of him, shall we?

How to cope with stress: advice from an expert at the Lady School on Novy Kanal

Katerina Vinogradova knows how to quickly pull herself together if everything does not go according to plan. This teacher of the School of Lady Reality “From the Tomboy to the Lady” (New Channel) arranges the toughest tests for the students. When reality TV participants see Katerina Yurievna on the horizon, they become very nervous. No one knows what kind of test the strict teacher has prepared. Jump off a bridge with insurance or eat a cockroach to fulfill your dream? Such checks can make even the most persistent «tomboy» worry. In the modern world, it is important to be able to pull yourself together, not only if you are a participant in a popular reality show. There are plenty of reasons to worry in ordinary life. How to quickly calm down if you are covered — Katerina Vinogradova shared.

experts advise

Kateryna Vynogradova

No stress

Of course, for general stress resistance, it would be good to learn how to meditate, know breathing practices, exercise regularly, and have a nice calming hobby. But when it comes to a situation where you need to quickly calm down, there are a few tips that can help.

Breathe deep

In the truest sense of the word. Take 10-15 deep breaths in and out. They are able to protect against rash acts, and the habit of breathing regularly according to one of the special programs that require only a few minutes a day helps to combat irritability or anxiety attacks. Yes, and this is especially shown to people who, due to their nature, react extremely emotionally to stress, thereby exacerbating the situation.

Let off steam

Go into a closed room and shout. It’s definitely better than something in the hearts to break or kick.

Don’t get hung up

Switch your attention, even by force. For example, watch the panda video.

ground yourself

If possible, go home early. If you’re at home, do something with your hands: start sorting out the closet or washing the dishes. For example, I clean my kitchen even when it is clean.

Control your mind

Try simple meditations. This is an important skill that allows you to disconnect from the influence of the external environment and provide rest to the tired mind. Experts note that even a few minutes of meditation a day give a chance to make up for one or two hours of lack of sleep and cope with a bad mood. In this regard, I want to recommend the Netflix series Headspace: A Guide to Meditation.

how to relieve stress


Tips for stress

In the modern world, it is important to be able to cope with stress, and even better to prevent its occurrence. What can I say, I myself once experienced a strong overvoltage. Therefore, catch five effective tips on how to survive stress.

1. Get rid of unpleasant, intrusive thoughts

Yes, this seems like an overwhelming task, but fatigue and exhaustion distort the view of many things, and even more so anger (when it comes to a quarrel with loved ones or even superiors). It is better to rethink everything the next day or even after a few.

They say the truth, the morning is wiser than the evening. You will look differently at the situation that alarmed you. And this allows you to think about an exciting question with a sober look, without burdening yourself with emotions.

Sometimes we constantly think about our daily problems or conflicts, and in moments of great anxiety, we even commit rash acts. Better get rid of negative thoughts. Exhale and turn your attention to something else.

2. Abstract and meditate

Sometimes the nervous system requires immediate rest. You can cheer up and calm your nerves not only thanks to the next dose of valerian. Simple meditation will help you quickly get over stress and relax.

The main thing is not to let disturbing thoughts enter your head. It will not be easy, because it is important to abstract from the environment without thinking about anything. A few minutes of deep peace and quiet is the best cure for stress.

By the way, the more often a person meditates, the faster he becomes resistant to stress factors. So we advise you to practice yoga and breathing exercises.

tips for stress


3. Go in for sports

Nothing helps to quickly cope with stress, like playing sports. A simple exercise will help calm your nerves, relax, and, if necessary, get rid of negativity. Just imagine that with every exercise you fight back against all the problems, drop the burden from your shoulders.

Boxing or other martial arts can help relieve stress. Having beaten a projectile for several minutes, you can throw out your anger and get a charge of positive emotions.

Also, dancing is a great distraction and uplifting from everyday problems. Plus you will have an amazing figure!

4. Relax right after work

The road home sometimes leads to even more nervous exhaustion. Somewhere I didn’t have time for transport, somewhere I got stuck in a traffic jam, somewhere I stepped on my foot — all these seemingly trifles can only aggravate a person’s mood.

So, leaving work, tune in to a new wave — peace and relaxation. Forget about the past day and think about what you will do at home before bed. And along the way, we recommend reading a book or listening to music. A few cheerful songs will direct thoughts in a positive direction.

5. Prevent stress

Stress is not only external factors. The influence of the environment largely depends on ourselves. You can resist the pressure of problems! Just follow the following rules.

Work is a means of making money

Not always professional problems speak badly about a person. Don’t take everything that goes on there seriously.

Problems are bullshit

Sometimes some problems are not as insurmountable as they seem. Learn not to take everything to heart.

Don’t pay attention to other people’s opinions

Caring about what others think only drains you. Most people will find something to complain about one way or another. Be yourself.

Avoid conflict

Some people argue for the sake of arguing or just try to assert themselves. Don’t waste energy. Better smile back and go about your business.

No matter how life circumstances develop, be calm, unperturbed, rest more and stay on the wave of positive along with the Liza magazine.

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