Makeup Secrets: How to Enlarge Your Eyes

Makeup artist Tatyana Reshetnikova clearly showed how to make eyes bigger and what details you should pay attention to during makeup. What makeup is needed to enlarge the eyes? To make your eyes bigger and more expressive, you will need a classic set for this type of makeup. Tatyana advises using a dark natural shade […]

Named 3 secrets of taking pills for the heart and blood vessels

Cardiologist Anna Korenevich in her Telegram channel told how to take pills for the heart and blood vessels correctly. The specialist emphasizes that a person who has a chronic disease of the heart and blood vessels: hypertension, arrhythmia, coronary heart disease, a heart attack and (or) stroke, chronic heart failure, has to take medication throughout […]

What to do with currency — economist’s advice

Russians should not rush to buy foreign currency or exchange it for rubles without urgent need, economist Igor Nikolaev said in an interview with MK. “If there is an urgent need to get rubles, of course, you need to sell foreign exchange reserves. If not, then there is no need to rush. We see that […]

What absolutely can not be done in the morning: TOP 3 tips

For the health of the body, not only sleep, which takes up almost a third of our life, is important, but also the process of getting out of it. What habits should be abandoned, we tell in the material Don’t set the alarm Convincing yourself that “five more minutes” will help you get enough […]

TOP 3 skin care hacks

A woman always wants to look well-groomed, without flaws on her face. Dermatologist Tatyana Ballirano told about skin care hacks. The expert identified three universal ways to care for the skin. They are equally suitable for both men and women. It won’t be hard to stick to them. Skin care Homemade masks or products […]

TOP-5 non-standard inventions for a comfortable life

The era when the main achievement of human thought was the wheel has passed. Today, scientific minds are busy creating far less practical, but no less interesting things. Experts REN TV found out what inventions of recent years are designed to make life easier for a modern person. Silent karaoke Singing karaoke at home without […]

Worst nightmare: what to do if a spider crawled into your ears at night

In summer, not only flowers and trees wake up, but also dangerous predators — spiders. At night, they can crawl into the human ear canals. How to understand what happened? What can not be done in this case? All these questions asked the otolaryngologist Darya Kharin. / Torsten Sukrow / SULUPRESS.DE; How […]

How to make money on a personal brand — the opinion of a marketer

More and more people today are thinking about developing a personal brand. After all, when a name works for you, you do not need to depend on the welfare of the company, and the risk of losing a job because of someone else’s opinion is significantly reduced. But what is a personal brand? Is it […]

How to get rid of cravings for sweets — advice from nutritionists

Many people periodically have a desire to eat sweets. In some cases, this is a normal reaction of the body. But sometimes such cravings require a doctor’s consultation. KP.RU has collected advice from experts to help you understand the peculiarities of eating behavior. Or maybe you just don’t eat enough? Some bad habits accompany people […]

How to deal with insecurity — advice from a psychologist

Insecurity manifests itself to some degree in the lives of most people. Various fears and complexes prevent you from being yourself and living a full life. However, there are ways to cope with psychological clamps. Why does uncertainty and fear of showing oneself become part of our lives? The roots of such problems often go […]