How to identify skin cancer — 5 main signs

How can you tell if a person has cancer by looking at their face? The cosmetologist and plastic surgeon Olga Ovanesova spoke about the most obvious external manifestations of the disease in an interview with

Despite the fact that cancer can occur in a latent form, this does not mean that the body does not send «alarm» signals. A doctor can diagnose the disease, but you can prevent its development yourself. About the presence of a malignant tumor can say:

  • Pain at the site of injury;
  • Decreased appetite;
  • Temperature increase (local or general);
  • Increased fatigue;
  • Exhaustion, causeless weight loss;
  • Enlarged lymph nodes.

At the same time, in addition to general signs, the primary indicator is an external change in the skin.

Painful skin tone

“(In a patient — Approx. ed.) the quality of the skin changes — it becomes thinner, flaky, takes on a parchment, emaciated and flabby appearance. This is because fatty tissue is depleted and blood vessels do not work well, ”notes doctor Olga Ovanesova.

By appearance, you can identify various diseases. So, a purplish skin tone, as a rule, indicates hypertension and alcohol abuse. In cancer patients, the skin often acquires a gray-purple color. Also, pale gray and dry skin is found in smokers, and yellowing of the skin indicates liver diseases.

What incurable pathologies does Botox lead to?

Skin condition also provides information about what kind of food a person eats. If a person consumes unhealthy food, then often this is expressed in characteristic an unpleasant odor that is released with sweat through the pores.

«Suspicious» moles and pigmentation

A striking marker that there may be a malignant tumor in the body are strange moles.

“The uneven contours of the mole, its change in size, uneven pigmentation, loss of hair in this area, itching or pain should alert you. If the mole began to grow actively, then it should not be damaged in any way, ”the doctor warns.

These signs may indicate melanoma, skin cancer. In this case, the oncodermatologist is engaged in the treatment. The main task is to avoid mechanical damage and protect the malignant nevus from the sun.

Brittle nails and non-healing wounds

An alarming sign of oncology is the slow regeneration of the skin. If the wounds do not heal for several weeks or even months, then you should immediately see a doctor. Also, the appearance of black or brown pigmentation under the nails cannot be ignored.

“Experienced therapists in appearance are able to determine what health problems a particular person has. — says Ovanesova. — Even your nails can tell about this — whether they exfoliate or not, how brittle, and also whether the skin around the fingers is elastic. It happens that twenty-year-olds have the same body as fifty-year-olds, and vice versa.

How can a master photograph his work?

10 tips on how to make WOW content. Photos of your work will attract the attention of social media users!

1. Always take BEFORE and AFTER photos. It is important to show how dull it was before, and how beautifully you did. Take the first photo before the procedure, do not comb the client, let the hair be dirty and tousled. The second photo is a visual result of the work of the master. It is from these photos that potential customers will understand whether they want to sign up with you or not. This photo has to be perfect.

2. If you do complex coloring, trendy, creative haircuts, transformations from blonde to brunette, these are interesting and exciting content. In addition to photos of the initial and final hair, shoot a video of the process.

3. The quality of the photo is very dependent on the lighting. For shooting, the ideal light is daylight, and a ring lamp can also become your assistant.

4. The main angle is from the back of the client, when it comes to coloring, care. For haircuts, it is worth doing several angles. If it’s a pixie cut, quads, or complex styling with asymmetrical sides, then several angles will show the work in full. Shoot not from below or from above, but at the level of the client’s hair, so as not to distort the proportions of the head.

5. If the client came in colorful clothes, throw a plain peignoir over him so that his hair can be better seen against his background. On a colorful background, the accent is lost.

6. Carpets, an untidy room, a bunch of people around — not the best backdrop for a photograph. You can pull up a branded banner or take pictures against a neutral plain wall.

7. Always take 10-15 frames from different distances and in different camera positions (horizontal, vertical) and 2-3 videos of your work. It rarely happens that the perfect photo is obtained immediately. Do not be lazy and make more options, there will be plenty to choose from.

8. Use photo and video editing apps. In them, you can edit color, contrast, apply a filter, crop a photo or correct defects, if any. The main thing — do not get carried away!

9. If you are doing a keratin straightening, always trim the length of the hair before the final photo. When the tips stick out in different directions and unevenly trimmed, it looks untidy.

10. For good content, it is not necessary to buy an expensive professional camera, it is enough to pay attention to what kind of camera is in it the next time you buy a smartphone. Read the reviews and choose the smartphone with the best value for money.

How to start a milk bank

Today, a Pigeon expert will talk in detail about how to properly create a milk bank, and why you might need it.

“Expressed breast milk can be stored longer than pet milk due to the presence of antibacterial factors in its composition. With each day of storage, its beneficial qualities are gradually lost, but this is not expressed much: within 72 hours the properties are perfectly preserved at +5 degrees in the refrigerator compartment. The properties of breast milk are lost to a greater extent when stored within 7 days under these conditions, but it is still the best food for babies. Deep freeze allows you to save most of the beneficial properties of expressed milk compared to mixtures.

If you plan to use milk within the next week, then you should not freeze it, it is enough to store it in the refrigerator, but not on the door. During this time, breast milk will not deteriorate and will retain many of the immune properties that will decrease to a greater extent when frozen. If you wish to create your own expressed milk bank pay attention to the following points:

  1. Hands are thoroughly washed with soap, the breast pump and the milk storage container are sterilized.
  2. The expressed milk is first cooled in the refrigerator, the date of pumping must be indicated on the container.
  3. After that, the milk container is moved to the freezer as close as possible to its far wall, where the temperature fluctuates less when the door is opened. It is rational to store expressed milk in special bags that fit compactly in the freezer and do not require sterilization, since they are initially sterile.

Infants older than a month require 90-150 ml of milk for 3 hours, regardless of age. Therefore, it is convenient to freeze portions of 60, 90 and 120 ml in order to use the amount of milk necessary for the situation. If you’re going to be away from home consistently, it’s best to start building your breast milk bank ahead of time, replenishing the bank one serving each day. If you are setting up a bank just to be safe, then it will be enough to stock up on just a few servings of milk in case you need to go on business.

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Quartz or mechanical: which watch to choose?

The main difference between quartz watches and mechanical watches is in the energy source. Quartz watches run on a battery or accumulator, while mechanical watches run on a spring. As a rule, mechanical watches are more expensive, because their assembly requires special care and scrupulousness.

Mechanical watches often demonstrate the high status of their owner. Often they are real works of art; some models are made of precious metals, encrusted with diamonds.

Quartz devices are more practical and unpretentious in operation.

How to visually distinguish a mechanical watch from a quartz one?

There are several ways to distinguish quartz watches from «mechanics»:

  • On a quartz watch, the hand usually moves in sharp jerks, while on a mechanical watch it moves smoothly.
  • Quartz watches are often marked Quartz.
  • If the watch case is transparent and the work of gears is visible through it, the watch is mechanical.

Advantages and disadvantages of quartz watches

Quartz movements are battery operated. The charge passes through the quartz crystal. Under the influence of an electric current, it begins to vibrate and starts a stepper motor, which drives the clockwork. Some types of quartz watches have a digital display instead of an arrow dial.

The main advantages of quartz devices include:

  • High running accuracy.
  • Ease of operation. The clock does not need to be constantly wound, and the battery should be changed once every 2-3 years.
  • Impact and damage resistant.
  • A large number of functions. Devices of this type may contain a pedometer, an alarm clock, a stopwatch, etc.
  • Affordable prices. The production of quartz watches is automated, so their cost is relatively low.

The main disadvantage of quartz models is the high cost of their repair. If any part breaks, it will be necessary to completely replace the entire mechanism.

When using the product, you must adhere to a number of rules:

  1. Keep the watch away from mobile phones, radios and other sources of electromagnetic radiation.
  2. Protect from mechanical damage, direct sunlight and dirt.
  3. Avoid sudden temperature changes. Strong heating or cooling may render the electronic unit and battery unusable.
  4. The best storage place would be a small box.

Advantages and disadvantages of mechanical watches

The work of the «mechanics» is based on the gradual unwinding of the spring, which drives the drum. Rotating, the drum launches the rest of the elements.

Mechanical watches are classic watchmaking. They are assembled and tuned by hand, so the cost of such accessories is quite high.

Mechanical watches start working after the factory. The owner must turn the crown every day.

Some of the benefits of mechanical watches include:

  • Emphasizing the high status of the owner. Mechanical watches are the most prestigious.
  • Exclusivity. Some models are produced in limited editions. This is important for those who want to own a rare and unique thing.
  • Durability. High-quality «mechanics» serve for decades.
  • Environmental friendliness. All parts are made from natural materials, and due to the fact that there are no electrical components in the mechanism, there is no environmental pollution.

The disadvantages of mechanical devices include:

  • Sensitivity to shock and damage. A mechanical watch is a rather fragile accessory.
  • The need to wind the clock every day. However, now on many models there is an automatic winding — a mechanism that tensions the clock spring at the slightest movement of the hand.
  • High price due to painstaking manual assembly and expensive materials.
  • Big weight. Typically, mechanical devices are quite heavy and massive and are often designed for men.
  • Lower accuracy than quartz watches. If quartz samples for a week deviate within a second, then mechanical samples for the same period have a deviation of about a minute.

Mechanical watches should be treated with great care. Once every three years, they must undergo preventive maintenance, which prevents the natural wear of the product.

If you are thinking about which watch is better to buy, be guided by your taste and the purpose of using the accessory. If you love expensive exclusive things or want to demonstrate your high position, choose a mechanical product.

If you are looking for a practical, accurate and inexpensive watch, take a look at one of the quartz models.

What woman does not want to be beautiful even in such a holy and mysterious place as a temple?

From time immemorial, women were not allowed to enter the temple and pray with their heads uncovered. After all, even in the Old Testament, the Apostle Paul called on women to put on a veil of humility and humility. At first, the headscarf symbolized the submissiveness of the wife to her husband; later, pious girls and women, by wearing a headscarf, demonstrated the seriousness of their intentions. Women with magnificent hairstyles were not allowed into God’s temple, because all parishioners should be submissive and humble.

Over time, stereotypes have changed, but the Orthodox Church invariably honors the words of the Apostle, which have become a tradition that has come down to our days. Today, women may not wear a headscarf, but when visiting the temple, girls and women are required to cover their heads with a headscarf. Only girls under 7 years of age may not comply with this requirement, but, according to tradition, a scarf is also tied to them. Although there is no rule to wear a scarf, many choose it. Scarves come in different sizes, different models, different colors, but the choice of modern women is increasingly falling on a flowing scarf for the temple. Since it is very convenient to use — it does not fall off the head when bowing and moving, does not untie, does not distract anyone.

Falling scarf Workshop «in the Temple» is a handmade product from high-quality premium chiffon, with a frame of openwork lace and a satin ribbon-tie. In order to prevent the scarf from falling off the head during worship, a snap-on hairpin is sewn to it, it securely fastens the scarf to the hair, without causing any inconvenience to the woman.

In the modern world, a flowing scarf is used not only during worship, but also at weddings, at the baptism of a child, at a wedding, as a headdress for the bride. Also, a scarf for the temple is an ideal gift for people close to you.

How do athletes store their awards?

A large number of sports awards is a pleasure for everyone who trains hard and achieves good sports and intellectual results. When they are in a conspicuous place, it is a pleasure to look at them. This gives additional motivation to move forward, setting new records in the field of sports, intellectual competitions or any other competition where medals are given for the best result. However, if a lot of medals and cups accumulate, then it becomes more and more difficult to store them. How to do it competently and beautifully?

How often medals are stored and why it is not necessary to do so

Athletes and any other medalists who have a large number of medals behind them store their bronze, silver or gold awards in different ways. Some simply put them in a box to keep all their medals compact. Others put it on a closed or open shelf so that they can see the awards every day or show them to guests. Still others broadcast them on the wall. Any of the above methods has disadvantages. Consider each. The key disadvantage of storing medals in a box is that they are simply not visible. The athlete himself, who lives in his house, and his guests do not see the award. They just gather dust in the box. The downside of shelf storage is that the medals will just lie there. They will only be visible if you approach them. This method of storage is also not the most successful. Finally, it is worth mentioning the storage of sports awards on the wall. In this case, they will really be visible from all sides. The disadvantage is that for each award you will have to make a hole in the wall, which means spoiling the wall. After all, one hole will not be enough, since the medals will overlap each other, which means you will have to spoil the wall and make many holes. Naturally, this is visually not very beautiful. Not to mention that you can’t do that with cups.

How to store awards beautifully in a conspicuous place

A convenient, beautiful and practical way to store medals is medallion. medal holder is a special accessory, convenient award holder. This is a design with which you can store dozens of medals. Average number of awards that fit into sports medal, is about 60 medals. This is usually the maximum number of awards that an athlete or any other competitor can receive during their career. Moreover, you can hang much more medals.Medal holder has a smart design, thanks to which the tapes will not slip on the surface. All awards will be securely fixed in the structure. It is worth mentioning a small minus of such a product. The only downside is that it requires drilling into the wall to install the structure. However, 2-3 holes will be enough, especially since they will be blocked by the structure itself. All necessary screws are included in the kit. Best viewed wooden medallion. This is due to the fact that it will fit perfectly into all interiors and room designs. The material is environmentally friendly and will not emit harmful substances even when constantly exposed to direct sunlight. You can also find advanced models in the form medallions with a shelf. Such medal holder will allow you to store not only awards, but also put large cups on the shelf. The design is able to withstand weight up to 5 kg. This is approximately the total weight of 60 medals and 3 cups. You can also store certificates on the shelf. If you want to buy a convenient and practical holder for medals, cups, certificates, then a medal holder with a shelf will be the best solution!

How to choose a scooter

scooter is one of the children’s favorite activities. Such walks bring real pleasure to children, teach them to control their bodies and contribute to the physical development of the child. A scooter can become the first and favorite vehicle if you choose it correctly.

kids riding a scooter

Let’s look at the main criteria that will help you make a choice:

Number of wheels

When choosing, you need to take into account the age and individual physical development of the child. Scooters can be divided into two main categories: 2-wheel and 3-wheel.

For younger children, a 3-wheel scooter with two wheels in the front is worth choosing. It is the front two wheels that help to keep balance and give the scooter stability.

There are 3-wheel scooters that have two wheels at the back. These scooters are more manoeuvrable.

There are also 4-wheel scooters in which the rear wheel is doubled. This was done to give greater stability.

From 4 years old you can choose a 2-wheeled scooter. But it should be borne in mind that such scooters are unstable and are suitable for children who can perfectly keep their balance and have developed coordination of movements. If the child is just starting to master the scooter, then it is better to wait a little with the purchase of a two-wheeled scooter.


At what age can you buy a scooter and teach your child how to ride it? It is believed that two-year-olds already have good control over their bodies and can begin to master the scooter.

For children from 2 years old there are scooters-balance bikes with seat and parent handle.

Height and weight

As a rule, in the characteristics of the scooter there is a paragraph that indicates the recommended parameters for the weight and height of the child for riding the selected model. To make sure that the scooter is suitable for the child, put the child on the deck and determine the position of the steering wheel. The physiological position is to find the steering wheel in the chest area. Consequently, when driving, the steering wheel will be opposite the solar plexus and the child will not slouch. You should not buy a scooter «back to back», a person grows and in a year the transport may turn out to be small. But it is not worth taking with a large margin. The child should be comfortable using the scooter.

on a scooter


Deca — the platform on which the child stands when riding. It should be comfortable to stand on. The deck should not be too narrow or long, otherwise the child will be uncomfortable. But also a wide deck will be uncomfortable and it will be difficult for a child to ride a scooter.

Steering wheel

Must always be made of metal. Rubberized or foam rubber handles will not let your palms slip It is good if the handlebar height is adjusted in the scooter you have chosen. For young children, the most physiological is the height of the steering wheel to the chest when riding, as mentioned above. Children from 5 years old begin to master stunt scooters, in which the handlebars can be located low. This helps to perform various tricks with less risk.


The scooter must have a brake. There are two types of brakes: foot and hand. The foot switch is located above the rear wheel or wheels. To slow down with the foot brake, the child just needs to press his foot on it. The handbrake is located on the steering wheel and is pressed with the palm of your hand.


The material from which the scooter is made also matters. Combined scooters made of metal and plastic are lighter and, therefore, even a toddler can handle it. All-metal scooters are heavy and older guys can handle them. In addition, all-metal scooters are durable.


Pay attention to if the scooter has depreciation. If it is present, there will be no strong shaking on bumps. Therefore, such models help to protect the joints and spine while riding.

Wheel material

Also, shock absorption is given by wheels made of rubber, not plastic. An important point in choosing a scooter is the wheels. Plastic wheels are short-lived, noisy and not as comfortable to ride as rubber ones. The only plus of plastic wheels is that they reduce the cost of the scooter.

There are also additional parameters, such as compactness and the presence of pleasant little things, such as a flashlight and luminous wheels.

Choosing a folding scooter or a regular one depends on your requirements. Folding is convenient to take with you and it takes up little space.

Have you decided on the choice of a scooter? Excellent! So your child is almost ready to start the race. It remains to choose a protective helmet and protective shields for knees, elbows and palms.

Happy walking!

Useful properties of lavender and how to use a sachet with lavender?

A sachet of lavender is a small cloth pouch filled with ground lavender alone or combined with other spices and herbs.

The healing properties of sachets with lavender are not limited. When used, it affects the body as:

1. Antiseptic and antibacterial. It soothes irritated areas of the body, promotes rapid healing of wounds, effectively fights microbes and relieves inflammation.

2. Sedative. It has a beneficial effect on the central nervous system, enhances stress resistance.

3. Energy. Relieves stress, accelerates recovery and activates mental abilities.

Lavender sachets from Smart Textile can be used as:

1. Protector against moths and unpleasant smells of things after long-term storage in the closet. It is made from dried lavender flowers without impurities. Its smell repels moths, and things acquire a thin, fresh plume.

2. Keeper of healthy sleep. Light, unobtrusive, relaxing fragrance. In case of a bad, nightmare dream, the bag is placed under the pillow, and a sweet dream is provided until morning.

3. Stimulant of feelings and desires. Lavender flowers raise vitality and sharpen the senses. Sachets with this composition are best kept in the bathroom. During water procedures, a person relieves stress from himself and is charged with strength. As a result, there is a mood and desire to move forward.

4. As a gift. A set of three aroma sachets filled with natural lavender inflorescences will be a pleasant, original gift for those who appreciate the benefits of natural materials, natural ingredients, and sophisticated design.

The pouches are made of linen material, trimmed with lace and ribbons, emphasizing the elegance of the sachet. Take yourself to the purple fields of Provence with an aroma sachet from Smart Textile.

Crystallization of honey is not an indicator of naturalness!

Crystallization of honey is a natural physical process that begins sooner or later in any natural honey. At the same time, the chemical composition of honey does not change in any way.

What determines the crystallization of natural honey?

A lot of factors influence the crystallization of honey, unfortunately, there is a lot of false information, MYTHS on the Internet.

The main factors influencing the process of crystallization of honey in natural conditions are:

  1. Fructose and glucose content
  2. Storage temperature and humidity
  3. Physical influences (stirring, rest)
  4. Mass fraction of water
  5. Storage time
  6. Presence of foci of crystallization (starting crystals, for example, old honeycomb frames and pollen, for example, poorly filtered honey after pumping)
  7. Degree of maturity of honey

Fructose and glucose content

Glucose tastes sweet and crystallizes easily. Fructose is sweeter than glucose and does not undergo the sugaring process. If the percentage of glucose does not exceed 30%, then honey will hardly crystallize. Honeydew honey will crystallize very, very slowly because it has a high fructose content.

The rate of crystallization of natural honey depends on the honey plants from which the bees collected nectar. For example, honey from cruciferous plants (rapeseed, mustard), sunflowers, and cotton planted very soon. Then you can select such varieties of honey that also crystallize quickly, but slower than the previous ones: it is lime, buckwheat, but even these varieties have different crystallization times, everything will depend on storage conditions, and from which honey plant, nectar was still collected, because 100% honey from linden and buckwheat, no.

Storage temperature, ambient humidity and storage time

Storage temperature, ambient humidity plays a very important role in the process of honey crystallization. If you store honey at t +14 to +22 degrees, then the honey will almost not thicken. At t +6 and below, it begins to thicken, the processes of molecular diffusion slow down, and crystallization begins.

Remember, honey is a living product, sometimes it seems that it lives its own life.

Buckwheat honey is very critical to temperature drops, it can crystallize in a matter of days if it is changed in storage temperature, for example, stored in a refrigerator, transported at low temperatures.

Sometimes you can buy natural honey from beekeepers, both shrunken (crystallized) and liquid, from last season. The beekeeper stores honey after hauling in rooms with different temperature conditions, partly in a warm room, partly in a cool one, due to the lack of, elementary, industrial warm rooms. This does not mean that crystallized honey is bad honey, on the contrary, it is an excellent natural honey that is economically consumed, it is also better absorbed by the human body, because most often, the crystallized product is slowly absorbed in the mouth, it does not immediately enter the esophagus.

Physical influence (stirring, rest)

So we slowly moved on to another factor that affects the rate of honey crystallization. If you mix honey, then the intergrown crystals will disintegrate, while their number will increase, which will speed up the thickening process. Very often there is such a fact that most people stock up on honey from the beekeeper immediately after pumping out, it happens that these are 3-liter jars and not one. Put in a locker for storage, part of the honey remains untouched until the next pumping, i.e. the honey is at rest. The storage temperature does not change (18-22 degrees, at room temperature), humidity is most often not more than 60%, forest or meadow honey plants, which slowly crystallize, as a result, honey is in a liquid state for several more years. This does not mean that the beekeeper mixes something, dilutes honey with sugar. Such honey is also called ripe, mature.

From where then was born the MYTH that honey must crystallize by February?

I have been pumping this myth since Soviet times, not everyone understands what kind of honey was sold from state farm (industrial) apiaries. Friends, they didn’t sell freshly pumped honey to you, it was rare, any industrial apiary (100-120 bee colonies) of those times always, absolutely always, kept a rather large food supply, a strategic, reserve supply of honey in storage, for food for the spring development of bee colonies to the main bribe. They kept a supply for a lean year so as not to lose the apiary, the bees also want to eat and a lot. One bee family eats 150 kg of honey during the year. You were always sold last year’s honey, and the fresh harvest was stored or exported. Today, apiaries do not belong to state farms, but to small beekeepers (85-90%), who leave food reserves only for the spring. The principle of work of beekeepers now is as follows, despite the fact that counterfeit occupies a significant share of the presented honey on the market, thanks to them, the average retail prices for honey are 350-500 rubles per 1 kg. Believe me, the beekeeper will not reduce the price of natural honey, every beekeeper knows the price of his product.


Thus, if suddenly, in February, you see liquid sunflower, linden, buckwheat honey, please think about it! This means that, most likely, the product was heated up or food chemicals were added, which transforms honey from natural to confectionery.

Natural honey harvested from certain flowers may not crystallize for a long time. If it is collected by bees from fireweed (willow-herb), acacia, or honeydew honey, it remains in a syrupy state for years. Even if after 12 months, the varieties of honey that crystallize slowly become cloudy, this is an indirect indicator of the high quality of the product.

Apiary Palyok from Cherdynsky district wishes you successful honey shopping!